Peng Joon - Content Multiplier
Peng Joon – Content Multiplier
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Peng Joon – Content Multiplier



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Peng Joon is a content creator who makes engaging videos with the help of his two cats, John and Lily. These adorable kitties are just as important to Peng’s YouTube channel success as he is! For example, in one video entitled “Cats vs Door,” we see him open an ordinary door that seems harmless enough but when magically transformed into something much more sinister; it becomes apparent how cleverly put together this prank was. Pretty soon all three creatures get so scared they leapt back up onto their perch on top of the couch for safety which had us laughing out loud watching them scramble around from here to there trying find some sorta relief or sanctuary-like place. Even though these clips might be small little glimpses

Peng Joon is a content creator. His job title may not sound glamorous, but Peng has been able to put his creativity into everyone’s lives through social media and technology. He doesn’t just create videos – he creates experiences for people all around the world!

Peng Joon is a content creator with an amazing story. His parents were tragically killed when he was young, and he has been working his way up to make money ever since then. Peng’s hard work paid off as he now lives comfortably in Sydney by making videos for YouTube that are popular across the world!

Kim is the Content Multiplier, a new breed of content creator who will do everything in his power to help foster your success. He’s an SEO guru and blogger; he was also voted one of the top 10 bloggers by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2017! Let him optimize your Facebook Ads or create epic blog posts—whatever you need from social media consulting to video production services. Whatever it takes: Kim delivers on time and with high-quality work that exceeds expectations every single project – all without breaking the bank.

Peng Joon is an entrepreneur with a background in Social Media Marketing and Content Creation. He believes that content can be used as the most powerful tool to spread messages across different mediums like social media, mobile devices, email ids or websites among others. Peng has been working at this for over 4 years now and he continues to set new trends by devising creative ideas every day!


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