Peng Joon - The Event Codex
Peng Joon – The Event Codex
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Peng Joon – The Event Codex



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The Event Codex is a new system that will revolutionize the way event staffs and organizers communicate with attendees.

The last time I attended an event, there was no one to guide me through in smart phone because of lack of Wi-Fi connection or cell service! In today’s world where everyone has their own devices at hand from smartphones to tablets, this just doesn’t make sense anymore– why would we go back? The answer can be found in Peng Joon – founder and CEO behind The Event Codex which he envisions as “a cross between Dropbox for your events.”

It’s not often that you would find a book on the shelves of your local bookstore, but seldom is more appropriate when referring to Peng Joon and The Event Codex. This collection of poetry has been published by Raw Dog Screaming Press in New York City for an impressive seventeen years now – it was originally created in 2001 as “The Phoenix Project.” If what entices readers most about this work were its size or weight alone, then they should know that each copy weighs over four pounds! Indeed, there are many reasons why people choose these books: Some like the design because it features abstracts from artists such as David Michalek; while others enjoy reading them simply because their content inspires transformation through self-actualization. That being said

Peng Joon’s decentralized event platform
solves the problems of tickets scalping and counterfeit goods. Peng Joon is a person who has been to events such as concerts, sporting matches, conferences or other gatherings where they have experienced these issues first hand. As an individual with firsthand experience he knows that there are many people in this world for whom no solution currently exists when it comes to securing their spot at major entertainment venues around the globe like music festivals or sports stadiums nationwide.
The Event Codex provides users with guaranteed physical access through smart contracts that bind them directly onto venue grounds without expensive ticketing fees so you can spend your money on experiences instead of secondary markets! The blockchain also manages all transactions safely which eliminates hyperinflation like we saw during Co


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