Peng Joon – Videos Gamechanger Challenge
Peng Joon – Videos Gamechanger Challenge
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Peng Joon – Videos Gamechanger Challenge



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Peng Joon’s idea for a new video game is one of the most creative I’ve seen. The question it poses to players: “What if life were like a video game?” This allows you to experience different versions, or lives as Peng puts it; just in case your first wasn’t good enough! It also gives an exciting twist on how we view schooling, work and our relationships with other people. Imagine having multiple opportunities at love because there would be no chance that someone else got their hands on him/her before you did (or vice versa) – but only until they decided which world was best fit for them…I can see this being such fun multiplayer challenge too!
A Gamechanger Challenge participant named Peng Jun

Peng Joon is a 20-year old video game designer from Seoul, Korea. Peng has always loved playing games and creating new ones of his own to share with the world. He spends about 8 hours every day on this hobby which he loves so much that it’s hard for him not to spend time doing what makes him happy! His most popular creation was “I Love Boats” where you tap your finger or mouse button as fast as possible in order to make boat go down or up before hitting another boating vessel. This challenge will be tough but we know that if anyone can do it, its Peng Joon who never ceases at making sure people are having fun while they play their favorite challenges like racing cars around tracks all

Peng Joon is the newest person to compete on Gamechanger. He has a creative personality and an interesting sense of humor, which he uses in his videos for YouTube too! Peng’s friends are really supportive of him and they’re always looking forward to seeing what new challenge he’ll do next. Maybe you should tune it one day?


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