Perry Belcher – VSL Story Selling System
Perry Belcher – VSL Story Selling System
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Perry Belcher – VSL Story Selling System



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Discover the one and only story hack that, in 15 minutes flat, doubles, triples, or even quadruples the sales of any offer.
How to Combine Brain Dead Simple Stories (You Can Steal Legally) with Ugly, by Perry Belcher
The Ultimate Has No Face Videos
Age Sales Grabbing Device on TikTok
Friends in marketing,
Can you tell a narrative in six seconds?
You only need to do that to at least DOUBLE the outcomes of any VSL you ever write. (Emails are included, too)
That is ALL it takes to produce letters that others sell for at least $15,000 or, even better, use them to promote your own products and services for the rest of your life.
Imagine outperforming even the most accomplished pedigreed copywriters by using THE peculiar technique to exceed your competitors’ sales pieces…
Imagine the PRIDE of knowing that the deals you make using this technique are the ones that power affiliates and customers are most interested in. (You’ll gain fame)
Think about how in-demand you would be as a copywriter if companies practically begged you to write for them for thousands of dollars plus a cut of the profits.
Imagine the CONFIDENCE you’ll feel about the future once you discover that you can essentially create sales out of thin air…
Hi, About $1,000,000,000 (yes, a BILLION) in internet sales of goods and services are attributable to me, Perry Belcher.
Story VSL Calculation
If I’ve done my job well, you already know how powerful a tale can be in influencing potential customers.
Additionally, you are aware that video marketing is the way of the future, therefore companies must figure out how to use it effectively…
The Drama Everything I’ve discovered about story-based VSLs over the past ten years is condensed in VSL Formula.
It is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps, and the system essentially creates the offer for you.
But there’s more than that…
You’ve never seen anything like this system before.
I really do mean it when I say that this system is exceptional.
In actuality, the format is what distinguishes this copy system from others on the market.
It’s made to carry out all the labor-intensive tasks for you.
I mean it.
The format of this copy course is unusual.
You’re under no obligation to listen to me blather on while watching video after video.
As you advance, the algorithm will essentially create the offer for you.
With the system tools and the laminated sheets, you can sit down and create a story-based VSL that your audience will adore in just a few hours.
It could even feel like cheating, so you might not even feel good about it.
However, I’m all about the outcomes.
What You’ll Find inside
How to formulate your “Big Foot” promise so that it stands out in a sea of rivalry
The three questions to address to draw readers into your stories and the easy “Scene Setting” trick that all flat stories lack.
In less time than it takes to take a good dump, anyone can become a skilled storyteller using the “Here, That, Then, and Therefore” structure of a 6-second story.
How to create “water cooler” headlines that instantly pique the interest of your prospects
How to create a “Hollywood”-style narrative arc a la Die Hard, Shrek, and Tommy Boy
Creating “Magnetic” characters that seem to breathe through the screen.
How to build a “Slippery Bridge” between your offer and your tale
How to make an offer so compelling that it makes potential customers feel foolish if they don’t buy.
The success tales in my “5 Star” winning testimonial format are given life and have ten times more credibility.
How to use premiums to increase your close percentage on the same offer by up to 5 times.

How to find perks that matter to your consumers and push them over the edge using AMAZON.




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