Print that Profits - By Income Cure
Print that Profits – By Income Cure
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Print that Profits – By Income Cure



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Print that Profits – By Income Cure

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1. You want to make money online…

2. But everything takes too long to see results…

I know the feeling. Trust me!

I’ve spent countless hours searching for ways to “make money fast online.”

Just to be left disappointed.

Until I found out how to sell “blank books” on Amazon!


Exactly! That was my first thought.

Blank books are any type of book people write or draw in.

Think “journals and sketchbooks”

And you can make them for FREE on Amazon (the biggest online retailer in the world)

The cool part is people actually buy them, not once, but over and over again!

It’s one of the BEST make money online methods around!

But don’t just take my word for it, look at the numbers:

So, now you know it works.


Let’s talk about what you need to get those results.

You need to know:

– How to create book covers.

– How to design book interiors.

– Where to find profitable niches.

– The process of uploading a book.

– How to scale your books fast.

– How to outrank your competition.


What if I was able to speed that process up for you?

Let’s face it.

You don’t want to spend time figuring stuff out on YouTube.

Trust me! I’ve tried it!

It’s much easier to have everything done for you.

Introducing “Print that Profits”

My step-by-step blueprint for making $100’s per month selling blank books!

I’m giving you:

– Proven Niches

– 2 DFY Book Interiors

– Plug and Play Scaling Strategies.

– Secrets to outrank your competition.

– Book creation tips.

– 22 video tutorials

– 8 Bonuses

– and much more…

If you want even more value…

There’s the upgraded version called:

“Blank Book Secrets”

Inside the upgrade you get:

– Access to my best selling niches

– 4 case study videos showing you my best selling books

– 500+ Niche Ideas

– 10 DFY book interiors

As you can see this isn’t your typical “fluff course”

Everything is set up so you can start selling blank books today!

Who Is It For?

Print that Profits is for anyone wanting to start a side hustle and grow their income using free tools and strategies.

It’s perfect for:

– Beginners looking to make their first dollars online

– Intermediate hustlers wanting to add some extra monthly income

– Advanced hustlers looking to scale “blank books” to $1000’s a month.

Who Is It Not For?

This is not for anyone looking for a “get rich quick” scheme.

Even though I sold my first book on day 3.

I can’t promise that you’ll do the same.

Before We Continue…

Here’s what people are saying about “Print that Profits”:

Imagine this…

You start making books

You have proven niches

You copy and paste the interiors into Amazon

You begin outranking other sellers

You start getting daily sales

You have yourself passive income every month

Now for the real talk…

Right now you have 2 options:

Option A: Jump into Print that Profits and Blank Book Secrets risk-free and save yourself hours of time researching niches and creating books.

Option B: Waste your time on YouTube trying to figure it out and spend countless hours creating books that you aren’t proven to be profitable.

The choice is yours.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Worried about investing your cash?

Don’t be.

If you try making money with “blank books”

And you’re not seeing results.

Send me proof that you tried and I will refund your money within 30 days.

Take Action

All right, so my course will cost you a bit of money.

But think of this:

– One book could take off and make you $100’s per month.

– My best seller makes me $200 per month without ads.

My goal is to give you everything to help make that happen.

So what are you waiting for?

Hit the “I want this” button and let’s get started.


Print that Profits

You will get:

Print that Profits Course

– 22 Videos

– 8 Bonuses

– 2 DFY Book Interiors

Blank Book Secrets Bundle (Best Value)

You will get:

Print that Profits Course + Blank Book Secrets ($17)

– Access to my best selling niches

– 4 case study videos showing you my best selling books

– 500+ niche Ideas

– 10 DFY book interiors



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