Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets
Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets
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Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets



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The negative effects of “victimless crimes” repeatedly rear their ugly heads in American society. These offenses, including speeding fines, red light tickets, stop sign tickets, seat belt tickets, possession tickets, and more, have no harmed parties.

These “crimes” haven’t actually damaged anyone; instead, they only appear to have done so because of statutory laws. This results in the statement, “Here’s a ticket for $300 because you ran a stop sign at 4 A.M. despite there being no one else [save the officer to issue the ticket].”


When you consider the origins of laws and judges, you will see that the only cases that belong in court are those involving torts, which are wrongdoings to people or their property or violations of human rights (other than under contract).


If you violated the Golden Rule—don’t hurt people or their property—you should face civil culpability and legal repercussions. But in the era of businesses and marketing hype, it appears that We The People have lost our path (and rights). Titles do not confer sovereignty; rather, it exists in the mind. If the mind is abandoned, ultimately evil will emerge to trick the populace into agreeing to become slaves!

Without writing a thesis on people “lost in corporate America,” suffice it to state that everything in this magnificent nation that is “LAW” and “LAW ENFORCEMENT” is designed to generate income. There is nothing more or less! f

How to Respond If the “Protectors” are Criminals

Prisoners receive $3.50 TOTAL for eight hours of work (as of 2020). When the labor is farmed out at a rate of $5 to $10 per hour, the privatized industrial complex known as the “prison system” makes tremendous sums of money.


What should you do, therefore, when those who have “sworn to defend (you)” are actually modern-day slave owners? For once in your life, you retaliate! And beating the ticket is the ideal place to start!

Enter a jail

If everyone speaks out against victimless crimes and tickets, the slave owners will reconsider going too far. Understanding WHY these strategies are so effective will require some reading and legal system knowledge.

These THREE TRICKS Will Help You Avoid a Ticket


Wish to defeat all upcoming tickets? When signing a ticket, use these “TWO WORDS” to immediately expunge it from your record without appearing in court!


Got the ticket already? You can dismiss the ticket without appearing in court if you sign these “THREE WORDS” on the one that is mailed to you!


Already scheduled for court? Send “THREE DOCUMENTS” to make the job of a traffic court judge a living hell, which 93% of the time results in a dismissal!




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