Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets
Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets
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Private Wealth Academy – Elite Tax Secrets



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Learn the tax secrets that the elite use to “EXCEPT” (not exempt) themselves from paying taxes.

Taxes…. We all have to put up with the discomfort, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular assumption, paying taxes is a choice. Have you noticed that? VOLUNTARY.


Even Steve Miller, the former director of the IRS, declared publicly during a Congressional hearing that the tax system used by the IRS is voluntary rather than mandatory (see source and source).



Discover the “Naked Truth” that has been concealed from view.

Since the technique is so straightforward, it’ll probably take a few weeks for you to recover from the absurdity of how obvious the truth has been. “Hided in plain sight” is their motto. There isn’t a vast plot to rig the tax system; it’s merely concealed in the 50,000+ pages of tax law and court decisions. The Internal Revenue Service is so sick of explaining their code that they have compiled a list of 50+ frivolous arguments. But there is ONE POSITION, and decisions by the Supreme Court dating back to the early 1800s have guaranteed it’s redemption.


There is a solution for you, even if your “J.O.B.” deducts SSI and withholding taxes. In actuality, there are only FOUR instances in which you need a Social Security number: 1) to get a license to drive; 2) to register a car; 3) for tax purposes; and 4) to get government help. Learn how to never again opt out!


But how is this accomplished? Inside Elite Tax Secrets, we’ll demonstrate how!


You will receive instructions on how to make a “REDEMPTION” from the “income tax,” which is a taxable occurrence. The best part is that once you know the TRUTH, you can tell everyone else about it (it’s incredibly simple to learn)!




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