Purple Knowledge Lab – Money Day and Taboola Day
Purple Knowledge Lab – Money Day and Taboola Day
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Purple Knowledge Lab – Money Day and Taboola Day



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Every year, Purple Knowledge Lab creates and distributes a national day to celebrate money. This past June 3rd was Money Day; this coming December 11th is Taboola Day. Find out more about either of these days at the website purpleknowledgelab.org!

Taboola Day and Money Day

Taboola is a company with an innovative, yet easy-to-use platform that has made it the number one site for finding content online. This year marks their first ever “Money” day where they will be giving away $10 million to people who are creative enough to come up with new ideas on how Taboolas can make money!

Purple Knowledge Lab, a place of limitless opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Purple Knowledge Laboratory is an organization that focuses on boosting business startups in the Bay Area through mentoring programs and workshops. They also have two days dedicated to funding entrepreneurs who want help developing their ideas into successful companies – Money Day which takes place every Thursday at 6pm PST (Pacific Standard Time) where businesses can pitch projects they are currently working on or need funds for so as long as it’s feasible; Taboola day happens monthly from 2-4 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time), focused specifically on those seeking innovative ways to use content distribution platforms such as YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles etc., with emphasis placed not just solely based off how many followers one has

The Purple Knowledge Lab hosts a special day to celebrate the value of currency, featuring Money Day and Taboola Day.

Purple Knowledge Lab celebrates our economic values with two days dedicated to money and taboos: Money Day is an intrepid gathering devoted exclusively to monetary transactions in all their forms; Taboola Days offers visitors free samples from this popular Israeli website that delivers content based on personal preferences


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