Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SMMA
Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SMMA
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Quenten Chad & Jovan Stojanovic – 30 Day SMMA



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Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic know what it takes to build a successful social media marketing campaign. They have been doing this for over 30 days now, which makes them the perfect people to share their knowledge with you!

Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic have been long-time friends who are now making a name for themselves in the world of pop culture. Their 30 Day SMMA has made them some serious money, with their first big client being none other than Beyoncé herself! They’ve also helped stars like Rihanna get over breakups as well as create brand new identities to help people cope during tough times. Quenten Chad is always on top of his game when it comes to social media too– he’s one half of the “Gay Twins” behind The Gay Twinns— an Instagram account that boasts nearly 300k followers just from doing what they love: posting pictures wearing sexy outfits all day everyday! For more information

Get ready for 30 days of amazing transformation with this intense workout.

Quenten Chad and Jovan Stojanovic are two fitness experts who have come together to create an intensive exercise routine that could make you lose five pounds in just one month! After all, it’s not easy being overweight or out of shape these days. This program offers a unique set-up as well; instead of stretching before the workouts they suggest you do something more challenging like jumping jacks or squat jumps to get your heart rate up throughout the session so there is no rest time between reps which will lead to faster results than if you were sitting on a bench warming yourself up first.

Jovan Stojanovic and Quenten Chad have a unique 30-day program, called SMMA (social media marketing agency), which is geared towards businesses. The curriculum includes topics such as SEO copywriting for social posts; effectively using hashtags on Instagram to grow an account’s following; how Twitter can be used in the customer service process via live chats or by responding to tweets with questions that are relevant to your industry/company. Topics also include emerging platforms like Pinterest & Snapchat so marketers understand what these new channels entail and their potential within digital advertising campaigns They post videos of each lesson on YouTube for easy access among those interested in learning more about this topic area.


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