Rachel Pedersen - Social Media University
Rachel Pedersen – Social Media University
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Rachel Pedersen – Social Media University



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Rachel Pedersen is a social media guru with over 6 years of experience. She has created amazing content for brands like Nike, Starbucks and GAP to name just a few.

Rachel Pederson knows how to craft the perfect Facebook post or tweet that will drive traffic back to your website in droves! With her vast knowledge on all things social media, Rachel can help you get more leads by including simple ideas such as images on posts because they are proven perform better than text-only posts 99% of time according to HubSpot research study from 2014; she also understands what it takes make an engaging ad campaign with Google Adwords & LinkedIn Ads that convert into sales fast so don’t wait – start working together today!

Rachel Pedersen is a social media expert and the founder of Social Media University, which provides courses on digital marketing. Rachel has been awarded as one of “Top 50 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2018.”

Rachel Pedersen became an influencer for her work with various companies including Coca-Cola, L’Oreal Paris and more. Her company offers online tutorials that teach people how to achieve success through different aspects of their business ventures like direct mail advertising or building your own website from scratch.

Rachel Pedersen is the founder of Social Media University, a resource for marketers who want to learn about social media and content marketing. Sign up today!
The Internet has become an increasingly important part of people’s lives in recent years as it becomes more integrated into society. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat on their smartphones all day long – not just when they’re bored at work or waiting around time between appointments like before (or during breakfast.) It seems that we have gone from “What will you do with your free time?” to “How much internet can I get done while my child plays quietly.” The question now is how companies use this platform effectively: if you don’t understand what drives those users online then there


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