Raman Shahi - The Self Publishing Class 2019
Raman Shahi – The Self Publishing Class 2019
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Raman Shahi – The Self Publishing Class 2019



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There are a lot of reasons to self publish your own work. One reason is that you can control the process from start to finish, and make it as easy or difficult for yourself as you want – but also because there’s no editor sitting on your shoulder telling what should happen next.

After reading Raman Shahi’s book “The Self Publishing Class 2019” I came away with three takeaways: It always takes longer than expected; don’t be afraid if things go wrong (it happens); and how important editing really is in all aspects of publishing including digital formats such as ebooks!

Raman Shahi is not your average self-publishing guru. He’s a lawyer by day and an author at night, but with over 2 million books sold he has the expertise to back up his success as one of Amazon’s top authors in India. As publisher for HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., Raman was responsible for acquiring new talent from around the world including James Patterson (worldwide bestselling novelist), Tom Wolfe (award winning journalist) – plus many more! Titles that were published under his guidance include: Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman; The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson; Outliers: The Story of Success By Malcolm Gladwell

The first self-publishing class this year is boasting an impressive lineup of speakers. Raman Shahi will be the keynote speaker, and she’ll offer insight on how to get started in publishing your own book while maintaining a full time job! She’s written five books about her experience as a single mother who escaped from Iran by herself with two small children – what are you waiting for?

Imagine being able to publish your own book without having any goals of fame, fortune, or literary acclaim. Raman Shahi’s self-publishing class would be a great place for you because he understands that the process is not about money and power but simply pure joy. The Self Publishing Class 2019 website states: “Self publishing can take many forms.” Whether you want to start with just an idea in mind, are looking for resources on how to do it yourself–or even someone else who will help write your story!

Raman wants people writing their books as part of his group so they have all these different points of view reflected through literature – which can only make things more interesting and creative


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