Ramit Sethi - Find Your Dream Job
Ramit Sethi – Find Your Dream Job
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Ramit Sethi – Find Your Dream Job



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How I “cracked the code” on how to land my dream job
“This is the scariest movie I’ve ever seen,” I remember thinking as I watched “Office Space.” I don’t want to be mending printers in a cubicle for the next 40 years. NO!!!

That’s why, in college, I started a strange interest. To learn how to “beat” the interviewing process, I got together with a small group of friends.


We interviewed at the finest firms in the world — Google, McKinsey, Bain, and so on — and put everything to the test. Answers to the interview questions. Techniques of negotiation Even body language is important. Then we returned to our tight circle and shared our findings with one another.


Yes, it was strange…but I didn’t want to wind up in a dull, gray cubicle. Ever.


My sophomore year, me looked really debonair. As a teeny little undergrad, I landed a job as a competitive intelligence intern that summer, competing against Stanford MBAs.

Why are you doing this?


I was fed up with reading the same old job advice (that never seemed to actually work). You’ve probably heard these suggestions before. Consider the following:


Make changes to your resume’s typeface!

Use 1.5″ margins instead of (gasp!) 1″ margins!

Apply to as many firms as possible! In fact, send your CV to hundreds of organizations as a “shotgun” approach (only to never hear back).

I’d watch people do it and be frustrated that it never worked…only to repeat the process over and over again. WHY!?!


My pals and I quickly developed a reputation for securing highly competitive jobs. I’m referring to getting job offers after job offers and negotiating raises worth tens of thousands of dollars.


We received job offers after job offers after we cracked the code.


I didn’t take any of those jobs in the end. I decided to co-found PBWiki, and then I launched I Will Teach You To Be Rich, where I’ve spent the last 15 years establishing a diverse team of top performers and educating millions of readers how to live a Rich Life.


I found myself on the other side of the hiring table as the CEO of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I also carried with me what I’d learned about hiring.


While putting together my team, I kept track of what the best prospects did…as well as all of the deal-killing errors that 99 percent of applicants made (over and over). I took note of what senior candidates did that junior candidates consistently overlooked.


I could see WHY all the tactics my buddies and I discovered worked now that I was on the other side of the table.


At this point, I began sharing my approach with friends in order to put it to the test on people who were not as preoccupied with hiring as I was. Sure enough, they all followed the identical steps to get six-figure jobs, substantial promotions, remote work, and professional advancement.


I was really sucked in. I took the risk. I ultimately incorporated everything I’d learned into a complete, step-by-step method around ten years ago.


The idea for Find Your Dream Job was born. It was a huge success right away. THOUSANDS of individuals signed up, and I was inundated with incredible success stories from students who utilized my technique to obtain their Dream Job, earn more money, and take advantage of incredible benefits.









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