Ramit Sethi - Overnight Resume Makeover
Ramit Sethi – Overnight Resume Makeover
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Ramit Sethi – Overnight Resume Makeover



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If you are like me, you hate writing resumes. To make matters worse, you have no idea how to write a resume, let alone one a cover letter.

I experienced the same problem for years and turned to Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Rich for help.





My Job-Hunting Nightmare

I like to tell people that I have an “eclectic work history.” By that, I mean that I have had a variety of completely unrelated jobs:

  • I played (and still play) trombone in the Army Reserve
  • I taught undergraduate trombone students at the University of Illinois
  • I worked as the sales manager of a menswear store
  • I served at the Olive Garden
  • I interned in the archives of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • I stocked shelves for Whole Foods Market
  • I managed a mixed martial arts gym

Like I said, my work history was eclectic.

For me, writing a resume was not only difficult, it was embarrassing. In my mind, I had no experience, no focus, no chance of finding a job that didn’t require me to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

During an interview with an insurance company, the interviewer asked me, “What does one do with a degree in music performance?”

I replied, “Sells insurance?” I was not offered a position.

My first real break was working for the gym. I heard about the position through a friend of mine and applied. My resume at the time was lackluster to say the least, so I searched YouTube for answers and found a video by Ramit Sethi on how to write a winning resume. The video is actually an excerpt from Ramit’s course.

Using the advice in the video, I impressed the owner of the business and landed the job.

A year and a half later, I was ready to look for a new job. I outgrew my job at the gym and wanted to find something more challenging. In my mind, I called this challenge “finding a real job.”

While all of my jobs were “real jobs,” I wanted to find an opportunity that offered me a few things:

  • Promotion potential
  • Challenging work
  • Supportive co-workers
  • Inspiring management

For this, I knew that I needed more than a five-minute video on YouTube. Because I already purchased Ramit’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and his freelancing course, Earn1K, I knew that his material gets results. After all, I paid for Overnight Resume Makeover using money that I either saved or earned from his book and course.

What is Overnight Resume Makeover and why did I buy it?

The Overnight Resume Makeover is an online course that teaches you how to write a resume and cover letters that get you interviews and, more importantly, high-quality jobs.

The course contains a 70+ minute video in which Ramit shares three steps to turn your resume into an interview magnet, plus a vault containing bonus videos, PDFs of actual resumes that won real jobs, and coaching calls from Ramit’s Dream Job course.

You also get unlimited lifetime access to the course. So the next time you enter the job market, just log in and click play for a refresher.

I bought the course for $197 which I now consider a fair price given the fact that I landed an awesome job just two months later. (I started getting calls for interviews in just a couple of days.)

What were my results?

Ramit is big on results. If a course does not deliver results, Ramit does not sell it. In fact, he is known for scrapping entire courses if they do not meet his standards, even if he invested a lot of time, energy, and money developing them.

Like I said, my work history makes no sense, yet I landed a job that doubled my salary in an industry that I love: technology. Moreover, my boss and co-workers are brilliant, hilarious, and motivating. If you ask me, my job is worth a small investment of $197.

Knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay $397 for Overnight Resume Makeover. Yes, the results were that good. After all, companies were interviewing me for positions requiring 5-7 years of marketing experience. At the time, I kind of had . . . one.

By the time I was done with Overnight Resume Makeover, my resume looked great. I started writing cover letters that got positive responses from recruiters and hiring managers. Most importantly, I got a job offer from a cutting-edge technology company that created a job for me because they liked me so much. (That last part is due more to my awesome interviewing skills than my resume, but you get the point.)

When a hiring manager looks at your resume and says, “Wow! Your resume looks awesome,” you know that you have a winning resume.



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