Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2.0
Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2.0
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Ray Edwards – Copywriting Academy 2.0



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Have you ever found yourself in a boring meeting, and wished something exciting would happen?

One of the most popular movies of all time is The Shawshank Redemption. It’s about two inmates who escape from prison for one night to go on an epic journey through their hometown as they await recapture. What makes this film so compelling are its nail-biting moments when the protagonists face high stakes decisions that could either lead them back into prison or to freedom with their loved ones – like whether they’re going to cut down trees at dawn while being chased by guards armed with machine guns, risking getting caught before they can make it out safely; or using cleaver tactics such as making tarps fall across bridge rails and use rubber bands threaded together

Ray Edwards, an expert in copywriting and marketing for people who are new to the industry, has developed a course that teaches everything he’s learned over his 12 years as a successful entrepreneur. It is designed with simple language so it can be understood by anyone without any prior knowledge of writing or speaking English; no matter what their native tongue. Students develop skills they need when starting out like how to write headlines, benefits statements and logos before moving on to more advanced topics such as web design and SEO optimization where students will learn about keywords placement in order rank higher than competitors online – all while working from home! The academy provides you with two months worth of unlimited access (with limited exceptions) at $197 which includes lectures filmed live weekly via Google

Ray Edwards is the co-founder of Copywriting Academy 2.0, a company that helps people become copywriters in just one year!

Ray has always been passionate about words and language. He’s also had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young: after filling up his room with books from garage sales as a boy, Ray decided to start selling them at school for ten cents each so they would be less “boring.” Nowadays Ray spends more time writing than anything else – it’s what he loves most in life because “words are powerful things”


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