Rich Schefren - Coalition To Save Internet Business
Rich Schefren – Coalition To Save Internet Business
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Rich Schefren – Coalition To Save Internet Business



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How are these celebrity-level online marketers, coaches and traffic-drivers getting such HUGE results?
Find out when you register now and send in your biggest questions.
You can get them answered LIVE, by this coalition of power players who’ve never all been in the same room!
This broadcast isn’t 24 hours straight just for “fun”…
Rich wants to get EVERY legitimate question answered by people who typically charge 5 to 6 figures to answer them.
If your question is selected, you’re getting it answered for FREE – 100% LIVE!
This coalition of “A” list influencers has gathered to help internet business owners defend against the “secret war” being waged against them by Big Tech.
Each of the biggest names in internet business and Marketing share their most powerful secret to creating massive traffic, cashflow and business growth.
On top of that you’re going to get a FRONT ROW SEAT to watch the inter-coalition poker game & pool tournament…
When you REGISTER TODAY, you get the 17 hottest marketing moves the industry’s marketing giant is using for Q1 of 2020 and beyond.
10 Easy Ways to Increase Conversions without changing a word of copy…
7 Simple Strategies to multiply email sales and boost cart value in ways that only a company with millions of subscribers can find out for you…
Plus 3 BONUS clips from the Covert Castle Cam Rich snuck into the elite castle mastermind in France!
My Name Is Rich Schefren…
But My Coalition Partners Have Started Calling Me ‘David’
Because a ‘secret war’ is being waged against internet business…
And even though I’ve worked with, mentored or advised some of the greats in internet business – people like Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Todd Brown and Frank Kern…
On my own, I’m no match for the ‘Goliath’ that is the BIG Tech ‘overlords’ waging their secret war against us.
I had no choice but to leave my comfy Manhattan penthouse and do something!
So I made a few calls (OK, it was more than a “few”) and gathered together the greatest group of internet business “power-players” ever assembled, because if we don’t start fighting back now…
Well, I’m afraid to even finish that sentence.
It’s not an exaggeration to say, it could mean the death of tens of thousands of internet businesses.

Don’t believe me?
Check out the pie chart next to this text. It PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that the #1 search engine is sneaking away with over HALF OF ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC.
Their spiders are crawling the Web and scraping YOUR content (and everyone else’s) then displaying it as summary, on the top of their search page. So, not 10%…not 20%…but 50% of searches don’t get clicked through!
That means people never leave their “walled garden”.
It’s beyond shady, because the #1 search engine isn’t paying you a DIME for what they’ve scraped off of your hard work.
I’m blown away by what this pie chart represents – BIG TECH IS FLAT OUT ON A MISSION TO SABOTAGE US!
And all the evidence points to the fact this secret war against us will only continue to get worse…

CPAs have continually risen year after year – even during recessions…
All major platform’s are favoring known Brands over small businesses, thanks to the fake news…
Every platform has become a “walled garden”, with fences growing wider and higher, to keep people spending money on their sites, not yours…
Ad platforms are banning small advertisers at the drop of a hat, because they don’t have the deep pockets of the BIG corporate brands…

That’s why I’m inviting you to meet with me, a soldier serving in the Coalition to Save Internet Business to find out the secrets of making this work in your favor!
When this shocking chart landed on my desk, my eyes were instantly opened. I thought to myself, “We’ve already lost the first battle.” If we don’t start fighting back RIGHT NOW – it will be too late!
Powerful machine algorithms are stealing content, de-platforming internet businesses and ultimately destroying them … all without a single minute of human review. It’s time to discover how to FIGHT BACK!
Big tech companies sell your private data for pennies, yet ban you from advertising, because you don’t meet their “standards”. Find out what my powerhouse media buying guests know about HOW TO OWN Big Tech ad platforms.

CLICK NOW TO SAVE YOUR SEAT (Plus Get Rich’s “2020 Labs” Instant Download)
RICH SCHEFREN: Author of the Internet Business Manifesto, plus A.I. marketing, online advertising, entrepreneurship and strategic planning expert.
RYAN DEISS: One of the world’s leading digital marketers; owner of Digital Marketer, inc. and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit.
RUSSELL BRUNSON: ClickFunnels founder with a following of 2 million+ entrepreneurs, sold over 450,000 copies of his marketing books.
DEAN GRAZIOSI: Multiple NYT Best Selling Author, creator of multiple 9-figure companies and one of the world’s best real estate educators and marketers.
KATRINA RUTH: Believes you can have it all, and more, in business, with your body, with your whole freaking LIFE, and that you can start now.
NEIL PATEL: World renown blogger, NYT bestselling author, recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama.
JOHN LEE DUMAS: Founder & host of the award-winning Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast that helps YOU on your Entrepreneurial journey!
MIKE DILLARD: Host of the Mike Dillard Podcast, has boot-strapped 3 companies to more than $60 Million across multiple industries.
MOLLY MAHONEY: FB Live and Messenger ninja who helps online business owners increase their visibility and bottom line with clarity, confidence, and joy.

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TODD BROWN: Founder of MarketingFunnelAutomation, considered the foremost authority on engineering high-conversion customer acquisition.
JEFF WALKER: Legendary OG Internet marketer and creator of the Product Launch Formula and author of The #1 New York Times Bestseller “Launch”.
MIKE FILSAIME: I.M. legend and co-founder of Marketing Genesis who’s been described as the “Michael Jordan of Internet Marketing”.
KIM WALSH PHILLIPS: #1 Direct Response Social Media Marketer in the World. Fueled by faith, love, laughter & lots and lots (and lots) of coffee.
DENNIS YU: BlitzMetrics CEO, internationally recognized FB Marketer who’s spoken in 17 countries, including L2E, Gultaggen and Marketo Summit.
MAXWELL FINN: E-comm & FB marketing master who co-founded Quantum Media, with ‘Shark Tank’ sharks Kevin Harrington and Jeremy Adams.
ALEX JEFFREYS: Has helped 100’s of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, worldwide, unlock their highest self and scale their businesses online.
SONIA RICOTTI: #1 bestselling author of Unsinkable and leading personal transformation expert, known around the world as a “Bounce Back” expert.
JAMES VAN ELSWYK: Founder of Purple Leads, marketing, media buying, and growth optimization expert who has driven millions in profit.
ERIC SIU: CEO of the Single Grain. agency who has worked with companies like Amazon, Uber and Salesforce to help them acquire more customers.
NICK SHACKELFORD: Led large teams and small in paid media, for brands like PepsiCo, Apple, Ministry of Supply and Diff Eyewear.
SCOTT OLDFORD: Creator of The R.O.I. Method and 6 Pillar Framework, help entrepreneurs scale their businesses and create sustainable business models.
FIER & WOLFE: OG podcasters and internet marketers, who’ve built a beautiful, and profitable, lifestyle empire that allows them to take off most Fridays!
EVALDO ALBUQUERQUE: The “English as a second language” copysmith who created a system that turned him into the #1 copywriter on Earth!
ANTHONY MORRISON: CEO of Morrison Publishing, one of the internet’s and television’s most well known internet marketing gurus.
FELICIA PAGESH: Sales automation/promo-partner goddess – pulled big numbers for Tracy, Ricotti, Filsaime, Morrissey and many more!
JORDAN MENARD: Facebook ads prodigy responsible for campaigns that CRUSH all previous records. Nobody buys media like this guy!
JEREMY BLOSSOM: Co-Founder of Strikepoint Media, a leading ad agency specializing in driving revenue for businesses with aggressive growth initiatives
TODD HERMAN: Helped tens of thousands of people achieve their most ambitious goals by becoming more resilient, creative and courageous.
The truth is, I nearly decided against moving forward with building the Coalition and producing this unique 24-hour LIVE broadcast.
I was a little worried about the potential negative blowback from Big Tech.
I mean, these Silicon Valley overlords aren’t likely to be happy we’re exposing their insidious secret war against us as internet business owners.
Then, I had a conversation where I told my good friend Joe Schriefer, publisher of the biggest company in the space, about my reservations.
Joe paused and shot me the look that every sage mentor figure gives the, “Frodo”, “Luke” or “Neo” character in those “hero’s journey” style stories.
His response was so certain, “Go LIVE with it, Rich. Internet business owners will learn from the secrets that get shared and it’ll elevate the game for everyone.”
Joe’s response left zero doubt in my mind…
I decided to organize the Coalition and produce the biggest broadcast in internet business history, because none of us can win this war on our own…
But together we can elevate the game… together we’ll not only WIN this fight for our very survival… together we will THRIVE.
And again, there’s NO PLAN for another LIVE broadcast like this, so GET REGISTERED NOW!
To higher profits,
Rich Schefren
P.S. After you register, be sure to check out the info on the next page.
It’s designed to help you get the most out of the LIVE broadcast.

CLICK NOW TO SAVE YOUR SEAT (Plus Get Rich’s “2020 Labs” Instant Download)

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