Richard Boureston - Conversion Catapult
Richard Boureston – Conversion Catapult
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Richard Boureston – Conversion Catapult



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Topics we?ll be covering include:
How to survive, thrive and kick ass in affiliate marketing throughout 2015.
* Everything you need to know about mobile marketing, and how to make money from it.
The explosion in pay-per-call offers: how to promote them, and where.
The adult dating sector as it stands today: the best opportunities and the biggest money.
The longest post I have ever written on getting profitable with casual dating, clocking in at 97 pages.
How to test and optimise your campaigns effectively ? the ?Super Affiliate? way.
How a strategy of continual 1% improvements can take your business to the next level.
That bloody Teespring craze, and how you can make a part-time (even full-time) living as a T-Shirt mogul.
The art of retargeting, and how it could make a bunch of innovative affiliates very rich in 2015.
Why you should quit ?affiliate marketing? and build a majestic performance marketing agency.
A giant list of my favourite affiliate resources and tools, with an exclusive selection of dynamite traffic sources.
And much more.





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