Rich+Niche – Brand Builder & DM Consulting Training
Rich+Niche – Brand Builder & DM Consulting Training
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Rich+Niche – Brand Builder & DM Consulting Training



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Rich+Niche (pronounced Rich and Neesh)was founded in 2020 with the intention of giving individuals their time and independence back by helping them develop digital marketing abilities.
Skills allow us to be able to add value to others beyond the traditional work environment.

In a rapidly changing world to do business online the demand for reputable genuine, trustworthy and trustworthy marketing professionals has never been greater. Rich+Niche will train you and provide you with the confidence to work on your own outside of a 9-5 work schedule.




What is it that makes Rich+Niche distinctive is our commitment to community learning.

If you sign up for one of our programs, you instantly added to our Collective Network and our Discord Channel.

These two resources will give you an incredible sense of confidence in this new adventure.

You’ll be able make connections with hundreds of like-minded persons. They are in the same place as you, and share similar goals to you.

Find out More about R+N’s Community here..




Rich+Niche is led and founded by Rich Ux who is the first Full-Stack Digital Marketing Professional.

Rich Ux has developed an educational curriculum that equips students with the fundamental information they require to be successful in the digital age however, it also gives them the direction and wisdom to be successful even in the real world.

Rich Ux is a proud digital marketer who has been specialized in the creation of strong, conscious brands with a high impact. The man has worked for brands and influencers from all over the globe.




What motivates Rich+Niche is making sure that people are happy at work. It is only from this point that one can begin to create an existence of freedom and freedom. If you aren’t enjoying the work you do the energy you put into it is diminished.

Rich Ux is often drawn by the anime ‘Ikigai’ that can lead people to discover their real goal. The purpose that gives worth to the world, but satisfaction to the Self.

If one can get a good job it gives one a feeling of peace in the world.

The reason that digital marketing has brought numerous people to work that is rewarding is because of its ability to design lifestyles that it offers.

Brand building or digital marketing, or brand building, as Ux prefers to refer to the process, can be described as a engaging type of work that reduces the boredom that most 9-5 jobs create.

Digital marketing is an occupation that is easily done online. It is possible to do it at home or in co-working spaces in Bali.

Rich Ux has proved that this is the case through his successful work with clients in Bali, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, and the coast of British Columbia.

Digital marketing is an increasingly sought-after field that is needed across all business sectors. It is possible to find this type of job in any field they wish to, that allows them to be happy with the work they do due to their inherent passions or passions.



Start YOUR Journey

The time is now to move into digital marketing.

Rich Ux recommends you take the Digital Marketing Masterclass and learn the fundamentals of funnels, content creation and digital Advertising. If you master these three essential fields of contemporary business you’ll be a brand’s top asset, or create your own business using these three areas.

Business today has become ALL focused on branding, marketing and advertising. Whatever you wish to achieve or what you intend to sell, or what you’d like to advertise – your success lies behind these components.

What can make Rich+Niche an ideal location to learn about digital marketing is their preference towards “Brand Development” and not simply selling mass quantities. The courses at Rich+Niche are a great choice for learning with their content, techniques and content to be extremely relaxing and non-spy.



Nothing to lose.

The most effective way to start and find out whether Rich+Niche is the right choice for you is to take the three digital marketing courses.

1. This course is called the Digital Marketing Crash Course
2. Systematic Brand Building
3. Digital Marketing Consulting Blueprint



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