Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs
Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs
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Robert Charles – Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs



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Robert Charles has developed a new way to text message while driving.

Robert Charles uses his phone’s camera and flips it so that he can read the screen with one hand on the steering wheel, thereby giving him two hands for texting! This innovative solution is available now in all Apple stores nationwide.

Robert Charles is the owner and founder of Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs, a company that takes technology from stores like Verizon Wireless to flip them for profit. He started this business in 2015 when he noticed how much money people were making by flipping phones on eBay or Craigslist but knew they could do even better if given access to wholesale phone orders. Now his team provides not only those discounted deals, but also offers repair services and advice about which models work best with specific carriers (GSM vs CDMA). “What we offer sometimes isn’t something you can find anywhere else,” says Robert. And while he has been trading cellphones since 2002 (!), now half of his time goes into running PFTE’s day-to-day operations as well as

In an age where people are constantly glued to their phones, Robert Charles has found a way for entrepreneurs like himself to make money. His company Phone Flipping Entrepreneurs purchases used smartphones from individuals and then resells them on the popular website eBay. The prices of each phone depend upon its popularity as well as how beat up it is in order to maximize profits but they average at around $200-$300 per device according to his website


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