Robin Sharma - Hero Genius Legend
Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend
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Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend



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Robin Sharma is a renowned author and entrepreneur who has written many books on leadership. He was born in Kenya, raised in Canada, then returned to Africa for college at the University of Nairobi’s School of Journalism before earning his MBA from Western Michigan University.

Robin Sharma is an established author with best-selling titles including The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Living Life To Its Fullest,” “The Leader Who Had No Title” (coauthored by Rakesh Khurana),and “Awakening At Midnight.”

Born in India, Robin Sharma has become a legend. His best-selling book The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari is read by millions of people around the world and he now resides in Canada when not traveling abroad to inspire others with messages about achieving success through mastery over their mindsets. He’s been called “a modern day hero” who wants you to be your own version of a genius!

Robin Sharma is a certified life and leadership coach who has authored 28 books, with over 10 million copies sold. He also wrote the screenplay for “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.”

Robin Sharma started his career as an international management consultant in Silicon Valley where he worked on projects like designing global datacenter networks. After leaving that industry to travel across Asia, Robin became fascinated by the principles of living fully alive through spiritual practices such as meditation. These experiences were what led him to leave corporate America behind and pursue full-time writing at age 29 when he published The Greatness Guide: Six Essential Strategies for Success from Ancient Philosophers That Will Take You Places Everybody Else Isn’t Going .

Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend? No, that’s not it. Robin Sharma is more than a hero and less of a genius according to our current society standards. He may have been born with the creativity genes but he wasn’t created in some lab or outfitted by fate for greatness like so many other heroes before him are today; instead this man relied on his own sense of duty and responsibility as well as sheer determination from within himself because no one was going to do anything about what needed done if it didn’t happen soon enough! The world needs heroes now more than ever, especially when there seems to be an endless supply coming up every day promising change without delivering any real results whatsoever… If you want something bad enough then all your dreams


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