Robin Sharma - The Game Changer Blueprint
Robin Sharma – The Game Changer Blueprint
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Robin Sharma – The Game Changer Blueprint



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A wise man once said that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. In order to go on an amazing adventure like this one you need someone by your side who can help lighten the load and prepare for what is ahead. When it comes to personal growth, Robin Sharma has been there from day one! This book will lead its reader through their own Game Changer Blueprint which includes chapters such as The Power Of Presence: How To Be More Present And Enjoy Life; Managing Inner Conflict: How To Overcome Obstacles From Within That Are Holding You Back; Facing Fear Head-On – What If I Ask For Something Crazy? Unlocking Your Biggest Potential By Asking Yourself A Few Questions ;and much more

Robin Sharma is a guru and author of The Game Changer Blueprint. Unlike most authors, he doesn’t claim to know everything about the craft – instead, his book teaches readers how they can find their own calling in life by following one’s heart or “calling.” In honor of this month being Self-Improvement Month (SRX), I’ll be reading some passages from Robin’s book that have inspired me personally.

I sped through my copy of The Game Changer last week only for it take over my thoughts until completion; while the core value offered within its pages has always been clear: follow your passion and purpose with relentless conviction!

Robin Sharma is a self-help author, leadership speaker and consultant. He has written more than 20 books on entrepreneurship, career success and personal development. His latest book “The Game Changer Blueprint” changes the way we think about our lives by challenging us with 10 principles that will help you get out of your comfort zone to achieve happiness in life through work or play! This inspiring read includes well known figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt among others who were game changers for their time period; these individuals took risks which lead them to challenge themselves from an early age until they finally reached greatness throughout the course of their lifetime.
I’m excitedly diving into my copy of this inspirational blueprint so I can come up with new ways of

In this book, Robin Sharma teaches readers how to take a more creative and innovative approach towards their lives. Readers will learn skills such as goal setting, time management, leadership development strategies that are essential for success in the workplace or in any other aspect of life. This is one of those books with powerful lessons backed up by unique stories from successful people who have undergone transformation themselves!


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