Robin Sharma - Your Productivity Unleashed
Robin Sharma – Your Productivity Unleashed
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Robin Sharma – Your Productivity Unleashed



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In his book, author Robin Sharma offers 100 quick tips to get out of bed in the morning with energy and live life to its fullest.
“1) Be a creature of habit. Your body loves routine because it knows what’s coming next.”
“3) Schedule your time so you can be more productive.” “21) Do not underestimate how much power there is in listening attentively when someone else speaks”.
These are just two examples from this great read!

In this life-changing book, Robin Sharma shares his personal journey to being one of the world’s most recognized and respected experts in leadership and high performance. His story is riveting as he takes you on a rollercoaster ride through success, failure, rejection – but finally redemption!
I was hooked early into the first chapter when I learned that “we are all born with greatness inside us.” When we let our true selves shine by connecting deeply with why we do what we do it becomes easier to achieve amazing things. Connecting your work or business pursuits back to how they will make an impact on people not only makes them more meaningful–it also helps you create results faster than ever before because these two forces come together at just about

Productivity is a very interesting thing. People have their own personal ways of going about being productive, and there are many different methods for you to explore in order to find what best suits your needs. One such method that Robin Sharma recommends in his book Your Productivity Unleashed (or as it’s more commonly known) is the Pomodoro technique – also called “The Pomotodo.” It takes its name from this Italian word which translates into English as “tomato” or “pomodoro” depending on where you’re reading from! The idea behind this time-management system was developed by Francesco Cirillo who wrote an article all about how he created it back when he worked at Olivetti Corporation during

Robin Sharma – the author of a new book called Your Productivity Unleashed: Master any task, achieve your goals and get things done faster than you ever imagined possible. His blog is an excellent resource for people looking to learn how they can improve their productivity in order to work smarter not harder so that they don’t spend all day working but also have time free from stress where they’re able to enjoy themselves or what matters most in life which often includes family and friends.


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