Roger & Barry – eBay Underground Sales (eBus)
Roger & Barry – eBay Underground Sales (eBus)
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Roger & Barry – eBay Underground Sales (eBus)



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It’s noon, and I’m driving down a rural road in South Carolina with my best friend. It doesn’t take much to make me happy – just enough gas for the week or so we’ll be gone; an ice-cold Coca Cola from Arby’s that reminds me of days spent at home on our couch watching football games together; plenty of cigarettes since he quit smoking two years ago when his son was born… The last few items are all Roger needs before leaving town indefinitely because Barry is going out west to search for more black gold: antique oil lamps, vintage silverware sets, signed John Grisham first editions…You get it? These guys have some serious eBay skills! They know what sells quickly online

Have you shopped on eBay before? Have you been tempted to buy something off of the site but balked at paying for shipping and handling fees, or having your credit card information stolen by criminals who purchase items from unauthorized third-party sellers in an attempt to steal personal data? If so, then we have some really good news. We’ve got a secret weapon that will make all those headaches go away! It’s called eBus – Eclectic Bus: The Underground Sales (eBus) program designed specifically with buyers like yourself in mind. Browse our carefully curated selection of closeouts and clearance inventory; find what interests you among one million+ products across 100s brands; pay securely via PayPal without fear of fraudsters running up fraudulent charges

Roger and Barry are a pair of entrepreneurial brothers who have found a way to sell whatever you can imagine on eBay. Their latest endeavor, eBUS or the “eBay Underground Sales,” is one that requires creativity for sure but also an app called WhatsApp which they use to communicate with buyers all over the world in order to make sales from just about anywhere under any conditions possible. With no listing fees required its easy as pie what this dynamic duo has created; it’s just not something we’re used too!

You know how there are certain things you can only find on eBay? Well, it’s about to get even better! Roger and Barry have a new idea for selling products–eBay Underground Sales (or eBus). They will be bringing all of their items from the world wide web over into our town. All at once they’ll carry out boxes stuffed with feathers boas, old-fashioned cameras, designer handbags that would make your heart stop beating…it goes without saying this is going to be one heck of an event. You won’t want to miss it so mark your calendars now for Saturday 10/10 8PM in downtown Boca Raton here !


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