Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle
Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle
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Roland Frasier – Consult Blueprint Bundle



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Roland Frasier’s “EPIC Business Buying Blueprint” Now download
This module will: – Recognize why “starting” a business is more difficult, risky, and expensive than purchasing one.

– Recognize the $10 trillion market potential that existed PRIOR to the world economic downturn.

and the abundance of options that the “Next normal” brings.


– Become familiar with a vocabulary of abbreviations and formulas used by experts so you never feel lost or excluded from a conversation again.

– Acquire a clear understanding of what a deal looks like and who you may assist by learning the five reasons why companies offer discounts.

– Most significantly, understand how “lateral thinking” will uncover a wealth of opportunities where others (particularly the seller) may not have thought to look.


Module 2 is all about FINDING.

If we want to buy businesses, we need to know where to look.

They are where? What drives their desire to sell? And perhaps more significantly, how do we invite THEM to visit?

You will in module 2.

– Acquire the skills necessary to (legally) eavesdrop on the world’s brightest and most successful investors so you can profit from the types of businesses they are purchasing. RIGHT NOW

– Learn the step-by-step method for identifying the businesses that will be the most profitable for you to acquire.

– Download the top 21 deal-sourcing sites here.

– Use the best scripts and templates available so you always know what to say (and what not to say) to potential business owners.


Module 3 is all about FUNDING.

Especially funding agreements.

without spending any of our own money!

You will in this module.

– Download the Business Buying Bible to gain access to more than 159 tested funding methods that don’t cost anything up front.

– Use “Instant Earn In” techniques, whereby you provide highly leveraged services like advising, connections, or marketing in exchange for immediate shares in a company.

which you may then delegate!

– How to consistently negotiate within the “Zone of Fairness” and come to a “Win / Win” agreement for all parties.

– Earn free stock through the “Pipe Wrench” proposition by working with businesses you currently do business with and those you add value to.

– Use the “Reverse Wholesale” income model to profit from businesses that you will never even own.

– Execute the “Deferred Close + 4 Day Cash Machine” agreement, in which you plan to acquire the firm at a later time and then run this tested promo series to ensure that the sales of the business would cover your purchase.


The emphasis of Module 4 is BUYING.

Where the rubber hits the road is here.

Together, we will move from theory to practice in this session and dissect every practical aspect of buying a business, giving you the security, certainty, and assurance you need to close agreements.

As of Module 4, you.

– Receive my whole set of tools, templates, checklists, and agreements, which I use for all of my transactions and for the creation of which I paid thousands of dollars in legal expenses.

– Master the Letter of Intent as we go through the entire tool together and I share some super-secret inner tips & tactics for boosting the profitability of your offers as we go.

– Take complete control of your purchase agreement as we walk through it step-by-step to ensure your safety and compliance with the law in every transaction.

– Analyze your due diligence checklists to ensure that you don’t overlook anything and have complete confidence in your purchase.

Lay up your pre-closing and post-closing procedures to ensure a smooth transition and that you start generating cash flow as soon as the contract is signed!


Module 5 is all about GROWTH.

Imagine it now. Deals are coming your way like clockwork, you have endless finance choices to take advantage of, your valuations and closing process are rock solid, and your post-close integrations run like a well-oiled machine. Next, what?

Expand it!

That’s what Module 5 will cover: GROW

You’ll learn about growth in this module.

– Scale your business successfully by using the 5-80-5 multiplier method without hesitation, ambiguity, or doubt.

– Use five client acquisition techniques that are certain to provide enormous results to achieve “Unicorn Growth.”

– As well as learn how to organize your firm for optimum success, enjoyment, and scale from my business partners, Ryan Deiss & Richard Linder.





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