Roland Frasier - Consulting For Equity
Roland Frasier – Consulting For Equity
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Roland Frasier – Consulting For Equity



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A Special Invitation To Learn Roland Frasier’s CFETM Method, Which Produced $1.1 Million in Consulting Revenue While Adding Over $30 Million+ In Equity… Imagine turning low ticket sales, book purchases, webinar leads, seminar attendees, or challenge purchases into high paying consulting clients who beg you to take equity in their flourishing businesses in just the past 18 months…
The Ultimate 10-Year Wealth Shortcut for Agencies, Coaches, Consultants, & Experts

I want to show you how to escape the “dancing bear” trap if you are a coach, consultant, author, expert, or agency owner.

…quickly put an end to the money-based prison system, and take away the unstable roller-coaster income…

…by understanding where to look for the recurring income that is CURRENTLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!

Additionally, receiving 2X–5X larger fees right away from better clientele…

and ZERO fee opposition.

Including the simplest approach I’ve found to massively enhance your net worth…within the next 30 to 60 days.

Almost too good to be true

Does It not?

I can understand why you could think that.

It only took me 30 years because I wasted so much time providing “free advise” and failed to recognize the genuine opportunity that was right in front of me the entire time.

I kindly want you to stick with me through this letter so you can achieve financial invulnerability with a straightforward change that is, I guarantee, simpler than your existing method of operating a business and accumulating wealth.

The Time for Money Trap is a fool’s game, despite the fact that you may be the highest-paid Coach, Consultant, Expert, or Agency Owner.

Not made to produce true riches…

Not intended to foster true independence…

Regardless of how much you are paid per hour or per day, leverage and stability are the actual keys to prosperity and stress-free living.

When I closely examined…

The entire financial stability of a coach or consultant is really just a one-legged stool that is prone to falling over at any time.

A single personal catastrophe, a worldwide economic downturn, a pandemic, or other calamity could result in the loss of all income and clientele.

and suffer financial ruin akin to a TSUNAMI.

I’ve witnessed greater riches disappear from the banks of some of the most intelligent and well-known “experts,” who earned handsome salaries as consultants, presenters, and coaches.

However, they did not hold any equity and instead received monthly payments from the companies they had aided along the road.

The images of the luxury jet fade into melancholy memory…

residences that have been foreclosed…

marriages broke up

with the “guru” pleading to be let back on seminar stages for a fraction of what they were paid ten years before.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

I’ve witnessed it countless times.

and I myself have seen glimmers of this.

I made a promise not to become into the stage’s “Dancing Bear,” who solely received payment for dancing.

I had a duty to my wife, my children, my business partners, and my future goals! (And you as well)

A well-known, highly-paid consultant who also ran an agency recently went away way too soon and unexpectedly.

His wife fled in a panic.

The earnings were high.

but not the Net Worth.

You are at risk if your equity does not generate recurring revenue that DOES NOT depend on your monthly inputs or efforts.

especially at this time when economic uncertainty is hovering in the background.

Tony Robbins was responsible for the

Bear-Dancing Trap

Even the #1 Personal Development Coach in the world, Tony Robbins, freely acknowledges that he was a “dancing bear” for the first 12 or so years of his career.

It wasn’t until then that he understood the need of turning his “personal platform” into a tool for generating recurring income and equity.

According to the most recent figures, Robbins has bought 67 new businesses just this year. Consider this: The best motivational speaker in the world is busy collecting brands.

I’ll teach you how to do this with no out-of-pocket expenses while also getting compensated along the way if you adhere to my Consulting For Equity Model.

Weary of wasting time offering unpaid advice

After getting annoyed with individuals asking me if I could answer a quick question or cornering me with a “one minute,” it all became incredibly plain to me.

I would offer “free counsel” and was “kind.”

But I was becoming exhausted. I frequently find myself giving free advise to folks who, despite their best efforts, were not going to act on it.

As you may already be aware, a PAYING Client is 10X more likely than a freebie seeker to ACT, value your advice, and, as you’ll see in a moment, GIVE you Equity in their firm.

Roland Frasier and his team of experts are extending a special invitation to learn the CFETM Process and accelerate your financial success.

We offer two levels of access and training to help you get going quickly:

Option 1: CFETM Masterclass – 8 Weeks of Live “Done-With-You” Workshops Led by Roland Frasier and a Cadre of Coaches

Live seminars with Roland and his team of coaches actively demonstrating how to acquire more customers, charge higher fees, generate recurring income, and negotiate the best equity transactions.

You will be individually guided through every step of Roland’s 20 Year Wealth Shortcut System by Roland of Consulting For Equity (CFETM), beginning with:

The Equity Consulting Blueprint in 3 Steps

How I added $30,000,000 and tens of millions of dollars in equity in less than 18 months: Get Clients (Grow)!

End “gotta minutes” and free strategy calls, “choose your brain sessions,” and start getting paid 2X–5X more…

Obtain Equity!

You will be up and running the first week as Roland walks you through the complete CFETM process of Getting Dream Clients, Getting Paid, and Getting Equity.

The portion that is most important to YOU doesn’t have to wait until weeks 6 or 7! With Roland’s CFETM gameplan, you will receive quick action and an influx of income wherever you are in the first week.

Over 27 Proven Lead Generation and Client Getting Formulas to Double Your Inbound Flow

How We Attracted 20,000 Highly Targeted, Engaged Leads That Produced Over $5,500,000 and Drive Coaching Clients and Consultations

The positioning and deal-closing strategy known as “Where Can I Wire You The Money?” will have your ideal client asking YOU, “Where Can I Wire The Money?”

6 Types of Equity Deal Structure Consulting and When to Use Each With Your Ideal Client.

They will be begging you to become a partner once you provide them a CFETM consulting experience of the highest caliber.

Sprint for a “Half-Day Consult” ($5,000): Together, we’ll fight to secure YOUR first half-day consultation. This might immediately put $5K, $12,500, or $25K in your pocket.

Acres Of Diamonds: 3 Free Client Acquisition Techniques You Can Use Today ($1,500)

Road-Map from Level 10 Client to Equity: Learn Roland’s unique selection criteria for the “Level 10 Client to Equity” from which everything else flows. His case studies, marketing, updates on social media, and much more!


Neglect this…


while you cry into the water without any apparent purpose. Get this right… and you are aiming at moving targets.

Deal Sprint to “Get Your First Client” ($1,500): You might already be giving advice to your “1st Client Deal” right now. Adding equity is the next step. Alternatively, if you’re new to “consulting,” we’ll help you figure out how to acquire your half-day consult and deal in a transparent and painless manner.

Five “Group” Closing Techniques Convert CFE Clients from Lead Magnets, Books, Webinars, Challenges, or Podcasts ($3,000). We’ll “sprint” to secure this initial offer for you. Obtain a Level 10 Client to receive payment and equity!

3 “Level 10 Experience Consult Kits” Done For You

1) Consult Day to Grow Sales

2) Consult Day to Grow Profits

3) A $7,500 marketing makeover consultation

For $1,500, you may purchase 21 equity consulting checklists, agreements, scripts, models, and templates. Dream clientele will soon be lining up to pay for half-day consultations and request discounts. We don’t want you to waste time on administration or logistics.


You won’t ever have to second-guess your course of action, what to say, or what to do in any given circumstance. To save you time and money, I’ll even provide you the scripts, agreements, and checklists that I spent years developing myself.

Lifetime Access To The CFETM Deal Community 1st Day: Work with other consultants, coaches, experts, and service providers to make deals and exchange ideas and outcomes. With your new CFETM community, you’ll never feel “alone” again.

PLUS, Bonuses Worth Over $18,200 That Are Free

Whenever You Join the CFETM Masterclass!

Over 56 Live $2,000+ Intensives With Roland & Advanced Entrepreneurs in the Roland Frasier Vault


Unlimited Leads From Linkedin, Instagram, & Social ($2,000)

The greatest approach to position yourself is to participate in a 2-day Pete Vargas Speaking Intensive, which costs $7,500.

6 CFE Look-Over-Shoulder Roland’s Deal Breakdowns & Case Studies ($1,200) are also included.

All Are Included in CFETM LIVE

The CFETM Masterclass PLUS includes:

Join us in a 5-star hotel with Roland, Guest Experts, and your fellow CFETM Elite members for the Consulting For Equity Masterclass LIVE. For two days of training and networking, consume all things CFETM in a live setting.

Roland Frasier and the team will be available in person for two consecutive days to discuss consulting for equity.

With Roland’s Modern Techniques, Become A Client Getting Machine In 2022.

Networking, Business, and Breakthroughs

“20 Year Wealth Shortcut” Private Q & A Session: Be “What’s Working Now,” build your contact list, and get motivated! Live

Roland’s 4 Private CFETM Group Calls ($12,000): when your first equity deal is set up. You definitely don’t want to go about this “wrong.” You are free to ask any questions during your private group calls with Roland.


Additionally, you may watch Roland collaborate with other doers from the group!

4 Private Instant Authority & Easy High Ticket Conversion CFETM LEVEL 10 Trainings How to get Level 10 CFETMClients by selling high-ticket consulting services for the most financial independence possible… without calls for strategy or on the phone.

Three Advanced “Level 10 Experience Consult Kits” Done For You

Consult Day to Increase Sales

Consult Day to Grow Profits

Consulting on Marketing Makeover

Consult Day for M&A

Commercial Sale Consultation Day

Consult Day to Increase Enterprise Value

4 of your potential equity deals are reviewed by the CFE Deal Team ($12,000): Would you like detailed feedback on four of your possible equity partner deals? We got your back.


Our coaches have completed agreements totaling over $1 billion, and they will be happy to sit on your side of the table and review YOUR offer to ensure that you are prepared for success.


Most importantly, preventing you from making a poor decision that could waste time, money, and an opportunity!

You will have access to Roland’s M&A attorney, who he personally consults with on every deal, during a one-hour legal consultation ($700).

We have a CFO ready to help you with any concern or situation you may have with 3 30-Minute CFO Calls ($1,500).

Do Business with Roland and His Network ($25,000) You are expected to seek out, close, and make transactions. And when it makes sense, we want to locate, finalize, and complete deals together.


We are aware that as you assist others with their enterprises and fresh business opportunities flood your door, you may occasionally wish to bring in someone like Roland or another member of the CFE community & network.

You have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the information above.

Additionally, CFETM Elite Super-Bonuses

Hotseat Mastery by Jay Abraham ($7,500): The pioneer of converting consulting into equity before it even existed. Tony Robbins, Harvey McKay, Damon John, and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Mark Victor Hansen have all benefited from Jay’s assistance.

Selling High Ticket Consulting and Coaching With ZERO Strategy Calls ($2,000) Case Study: $56,743 If you have even the slightest email, mail, or text rolodex… You’ll discover how a modest $2,000 direct mail test led to the acquisition of $56,743 in new High Ticket Clients.


That is a ROI of 2200%.


and nobody is engaging in this!

Nine never-before-taught wizardry moments! To “draw out” the nearly unteachable magical distinctions of obtaining equity agreements, you go behind the curtain with Roland. You’ll learn how Roland has an almost innate ability to know when to talk and when to be silent, as well as the indicators a customer provides you that indicate they’ll be a wonderful partner, “danger” signs, and when to ask for equity.










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