Ronnie Sandlin - School of Hidden Knowledge
Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge
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Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge



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Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge

Russel Brunson, one man who knows how to make money (quick and easy), has a new book coming out on the market. Ronnie is an entrepreneur that wants nothing more than success for his students just like he had in life himself. He’s going share everything you need to know about succeeding with this industry-changing course!

Ronnie Sandlin: School of Hidden Knowledge, here to teach you about your subconscious mind. You see it all the time and use it every day but do you know how? Let me tell ya. I’m going to show you just what that little voice in your head is capable of doing for us if we let ourselves hear its wisdom…

You want to know what I call myself? A hood-rat.

I got a ghetto mouth and an even ghettier attitude, but that’s just how it is when you’re born into the life of crime. You see my pops was involved in all types of shit; drugs, guns, selling girls off on Backpage like they were pizzas – he had his hands dirty with everything imaginable so hell yeah mines are too! But despite being as rough around the edges as most people would say we could be there still has always been one thing missing: respect from others who don’t share our experiences or where we come from. It feels almost impossible for someone without ties “in tha game” (that means street term) to truly

Ronnie Sandlin – School of Hidden Knowledge

Passionate about building a better future? We are too! At the hidden knowledge school, we guide students through an exciting course where they have to conquer their fears and become extraordinary. Alongside this journey, our team will take you on a personal development experience that will change your life forever.

Do you know the School of Hidden Knowledge?

The school I’m talking about is called The School of Hidden Knowledge. You can find it in an old church building that’s been turned into a boarding house for students at Virginia Commonwealth University and other universities nearby, but we’ll get to all those details later on. It was founded by Ronnie Sandlin back when he was studying higher education administration at VCU way back in 2013 and before that he’d managed a few restaurants around here so this place has always had food as part of its package deal; whether breakfast coffee or dinner with friends, there are some tasty options available 24/7! Anyway…the idea behind starting up the school originally stemmed from his own personal negative experiences with how they were


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