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Warrior Trading is a name you’ll likely recognise if you’ve been in the industry for a while, but what do they offer beyond market scanning? And what could this mean for your day trading career? This is your all-access guide to Warrior Trading; following a dive into the company’s history, we unpack the various features on offer, including pricing, penny stocks advice, security and customer support. Could this community platform take your day trading career to new heights?










What Is Warrior Trading?

Warrior Trading is an educational platform built to equip retail investors with tools and insights to become successful day traders. From stock market simulators to webinars, mentoring, trade ideas and scanner settings, the services cover everything you need to know about day trading.

The company has quickly risen to become one of the largest and most popular intraday investment communities around, with over 500,000 active members. The platform began as a simple blog and has evolved into an interactive trading chatroom educating traders across the world.

Warrior Trading Course and Strategies
The Warrior Trader

The platform was set up by Ross Cameron, an experienced day trader with a background in education. He aims to break down some of the barriers around day trading through training courses, videos, chat rooms and simulators. With one review calling it the pinnacle of stock market education, Warrior Trading’s accredited platform teaches individuals the fundamentals of day trading forex, stocks and shares.


Warrior Trading offers four main features, or services: the Live Trading Simulator, Stock Market Scanner, Day Trading Chat room and Free Trading Materials. We’ve broken each down into more detail below.

Live Trading Simulator

The live simulator acts much like a traditional demo account; it offers paper executions in a real trading environment. The idea behind the feature is to enable people to get to grips with trading, establish a strong foundation or trial new strategies without the worry of losing capital. The simulator is monitored by the Warrior Trading team, so should you make consistent errors, the team will let you know where you went wrong and offer advice for future moves. The simulator offers access to US equities and options markets, with features including:

  • Mentoring
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Advanced reporting
  • $200k in virtual funds
  • Hotkeys for long or short orders
  • Accurate live trading representation
  • Create stop orders and profit targets
  • Real-time level two quotes and order execution

The paper simulator is available for Warrior Pro clients and Warrior Starter students.

Stock Market Scanners

When a stock is moving, it is important to know why. The scanners have been designed by experienced traders to supply critical information to users when they need it. Traders can view stocks by volume and gap scanners, or ‘gappers’, in addition to accessing key information such as price, float, relative volume and more. The scanners support a range of strategies, as well as customisable alerts and access to notes on former runners, providing important context to any trade.

Day Trading Chat Room

The chat room is an interactive platform in which moderators, including Ross, share their latest trading insights and members can discuss issues and ideas, much like a forum. Each day will usually kick off with an update on the market via a live-streamed morning show, followed by a midday recap and a Q&A to close the day.

A daily watch list of between three and five promising stocks is circulated ahead of the opening of the session at 09:30 EST. The room can be accessed via both the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro bundles or in conjunction with an educational course. Features of the day trading chat room include:

  • Live chat
  • Mentoring
  • Insights and advice
  • Interactive activities
  • Screenshare facilities
  • Real-time alerts and announcements



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