Ross Minchev - Pin Ads Jumpstart
Ross Minchev – Pin Ads Jumpstart
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Ross Minchev – Pin Ads Jumpstart



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The only realistic way to make 500%+ ROI on a Single Ad Campaign

Have you struggled to get ANY results from Facebook Ads doing affiliate marketing, dropshipping, Shopify or Lead Gen?


Ross Minchev – Pin Ads Jumpstart

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Would you like to know, how by following the exact steps in “Pin Ads Jumpstart” blueprint, I have grown 2 businesses (e-commerce and lead generation) to a stage where they’re now making over $10,000 per day in revenue?

Hey, it’s Ross Minchev here, America’s favorite media buyer, at least according to (Not trying to brag about it, but not gonna lie I really enjoyed, when they listed me on their website ).

Spending $16,000+ a day on a single ad account (graphic below) on Facebook ads and creating more than 8,234 ads, split testing between video and images, testing many different landing pages, trying different targeting options, constantly fighting the algorithm to give me some , praying for higher profit and hoping that my campaigns will not die too soon, I finally had enough…

Not to mention the disappointment, when FB bans an ad account for no adequate reason…

The Problem?

Most people think it’s their targeting or their ads, or may be the message the landing pages are sending.
Oh, well may be it’s the bidding strategy or the product. May be the price or even the time ads are served is wrong…

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with all of that.

There is only one metric marketers and business owners still neglect, when it comes to advertising on FB..

For the past 3 years the cost for Facebook ads have increased drastically, leaving us the marketers, with low and some times, no margins at all.

So, I decided to look for other alternatives…

My team and I went on Google ads, Bing ads, Native, we’ve tried influencers, youtube etc.,

Here and there I got good results, but wasn’t able to scale much…

It wasn’t until after spending 1,000s of $$$, trying different traffic sources, I finally had a HIT…

The 3rd largest social network created for people to not just hanging out with their friends and watch “Cat Videos” but to search and buy products and services…

I am talking about Pinterest…

After I migrated my exact ads from Facebook onto Pinterest (graphic below) was able to not only get 5X the ROI I was getting from Facebook, but keep it in this phase for months without even login in into the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Curious to know how to implement the same strategies that my clients and I are using, so you can multiply your profits without increasing the cost or the work?

No one is teaching or doing this…

Pinterest traffic is still untapped, not many people know about it and even if they do, they are not familiar with how it works and are scared to spend money to test it…

But I cracked the code..

I spent over $80,000 and got back $316,000+ from Pinterest.

I know, it can be scary to start a new traffic source, we all love Facebook ads, doing e-commerce, dropshipping, etc. And don’t get me wrong I still have campaigns running on FB, but Pinterest is 3 times more targeted than facebook, and it’s much cheaper… It’s just another great channel/traffic source to bring more sales/conversions to your business.

I am talking about $0.04 CPC (Cost Per Click) on Pinterest, where compared to Facebook’s at the very best scenario the cost per click is averaging at $0.50(Of course if you nailed down your targeting, ads pages etc.). Pinterest can bring 5 times more profits if you have the right strategy…
So Here Is How To Multiply Your Profit ?
I did a small test by duplicating the same ad from Facebook onto Pinterest and got 4X the profit I was getting on Facebook.

I spent around $600 on both platforms.
One of the campaigns brought 200% return on ad spend (not bad at all), but the other brought the stunning 500%+…

Every time I share this with my paying clients, it works like a Swiss Watch

After implementing the exact strategy and methods I was using some of my clients were able to generate the whopping 670% return on their investment…???

That means for every $1 dollar in, they were able to get $7 dollars out.

Exactly Who This Is For

This is for anyone who is currently running, or looking to start a business and wants to transform their life, build unshakable cash stream and dramatically improve their results.

This includes anyone who wants to:

  • ​Start or scale an online business without wasting time and money
  • ​Already have a company  and wants to scale
  • ​If you are a newbie and don’t know where to start
  • If you want to learn an expert tips to give you an unfair advantage in media buying
  • ​Learn how to run profitably e-commerce, affiliate marketing and lead generation
  • ​​Learn an additional traffic source for bringing more cash flow
  • ​​Discover powerful techniques that can be implemented in any online business
  • ​​Learn how to stand out from your competition
  • ​​Develop high converting landing pages
  • ​​Discover how to create high converting Pinterest ads
  • ​​Learn 6 effective media buying techniques to get more ROI
  • ​​Learn how to avoid your most common objections
  • ​​Acquire new valuable skills to secure more revenue


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