Ruan Marinho - Underground SEO Secrets
Ruan Marinho – Underground SEO Secrets
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Ruan Marinho – Underground SEO Secrets



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I have made a ton of money from this book. I am not even kidding!

You should really read it if you want to skyrocket your business. First off, the author gives great insights on how to rank higher in Google and get more traffic without being penalized for black hat SEO tactics. He also does an excellent job breaking down technical concepts like content marketing strategies that will help any newbie understand what is going on with their website ranks or rankings through these techniques.”

I’m Ruan Marinho, author of Underground SEO Secrets. This book reveals all the secrets to rank your website on Google and earn more money using little or no marketing budget.

I’ve been a consultant for over 10 years now helping big brands like Coca Cola adjust their approach in order to succeed online with better search engine rankings so they can get new customers without spending much at all advertising outside channels! In my free time I write about Internet Marketing topics such as content creation strategies, social media best practices, conversion optimization tactics that really work -all from an expert’s perspective!

This is a great book. I haven’t found any other SEO books that can really compare to it and honestly, there are some things in the Underground Secrets of Marketing Strategies & Tactics (USMT) just don’t make sense when you look at them as an outsider who doesn’t know anything about marketing or internet business for example this chain letter strategy where he says “send me $1 worth of email credits so I can send your eBook out,” which may work on someone with no knowledge but if they’re not willing then how many times do we need to go through the same discussion?

This has been one-of my favorite books ever because Brunson knows what’s going on inside his head and articulates well enough for non-

Russell Brunson – Underground SEO Secrets
The great thing about this book is that it’s written in a way you can actually understand. You’re not just talking to yourself or some other guru with big words and all these complicated concepts, I’ve never seen anything like what he shares here before! It’s eye opening and life changing for sure.

“Underground SEO Secrets” is going to make you a fortune.

The Underground SEO Secrets course by Ruan Marinho teaches people how they can learn the tricks and tactics that are working in Google’s search engine algorithm so as to compete with larger brands for more visibility on SERPs, reach higher rankings and acquire new customers.


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