Russell Brunson - 30 Days
Russell Brunson – 30 Days
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Russell Brunson – 30 Days



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You need to learn from the best. Check out my free download of 30 Days, a video series that will teach you how I went from being broke with three kids and living in an apartment complex on welfare to having over $10 million dollars worth of real estate properties by age 35.

Russell Brunson – “30 Days”

“Hey, what’s up? This is Russell Brunson. I’m here to tell you about my new book; 30 Days.” The next voice in the background has a more urgent tone as it says “No… No! Get back!” A scream ensues and then there are sounds of an explosion before everything goes silent again

30 Days by Russel Brunson

It’s not too late to take up one of the most important practices in business – learning how to speak. Russell Brunson, founder and CEO of ClickFunnels (funny name) has a lot on his plate for this book as he looks at 30 Days worth of speaking practice straight through.

This is my favorite kind of advice because it doesn’t come from someone who just talks about what they do day-to-day like you’ll see with some speakers; instead, Mr. Brunson lays out an entire month long plan where each day follows different principles that will help improve your voice while also getting more confident along the way! You have nothing to lose by giving this challenge a try if you’re looking for new skills or tips

Russell Brunson is one of the top speakers in America
– his best selling book “Expert Secrets” was on Amazon’s Best Seller list for weeks
– he has held sold out seminars all over America and around the world. He also runs a private mastermind group that only accepts 10 people at a time, with annual fees starting at $10K


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