Ryan Deiss - Craft A High-Converting Homepage v2
Ryan Deiss – Craft A High-Converting Homepage v2
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Ryan Deiss – Craft A High-Converting Homepage v2



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Build a High-converting Homepage From Scratch

Let’s Create A “Sticky” And Successful Homepage That Turns Passive Lurkers Into Engaged Prospects And Buyers.

What You’ll Learn & Leverage

Ryan Deiss’ Tested & Proven Homepage Blueprint

We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly when it comes to homepages…. And, quite frankly, we’re tired of looking at them. Luckily, Ryan Deiss has spent almost two decades studying the evolution of the homepage and applying what he’s learned to countless brands… so he’s schooled in what works and (more importantly) what doesn’t.

Now you’re going to leverage all of his insider knowledge to craft a page that actively works to drive leads & sales rather than just waves at traffic as it passes by.

Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for Creating a Homepage That Flat-Out Converts

You will NOT leave this workshop empty-handed. Not only will Ryan take you, step-by-step through the process of outlining, creating, and optimizing your homepage, he’ll provide you with 3 fill-in-the-blank templates that make crafting your homepage effortless.

In fact, Ryan actually created a brand new, never-before-seen template specifically for this training. It’s called the “Core Message Canvas” and with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet, your homepage copy will literally write itself (you probably won’t even need his help after using this valuable resource ;)).

Make an Impactful First Impression… in 5 Seconds

The first 5 seconds of any homepage visit is the golden window for your site to answer a critical question in the back of every single one of your visitors’ minds:

“What can your product or service do for me?”

And the fact is, if that question isn’t answered in the first 5 seconds, it is more likely than not that your potential customer bounces… right into the waiting arms of your competitors.

On this LIVE training, you’ll follow a proven formula for hooking your visitors in the first 5 seconds, setting realistic expectations, and delivering a promise that creates a bond with your new customers.





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