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Without Making a Single Sales Call, Generate Unlimited Growth for Your Company!

On your own, you can only go so far. 7 and 8 figure CEOs must have a motivated sales team. Even if you leave the office, your sales team should continue to generate revenue for your company. Let us teach your salesperson (or team) so you can recoup hundreds of hours while continuing to generate sales reliably and consistently both during and after launches.


Experience with the Social Sellers Academy


This thorough, high-touch, six-month training will expose your salesperson to:


superior assistance and accountability


Daily Sales Training System on Demand

For your team, both live and recorded training sessions.

Available Monday through Friday, training and coaching (YES, Each Day!)

Weekly Q+A sessions to assist your team in problem-solving and lead management.

Weekly live role-playing sessions are held because sales confidence is mostly a result of experience.

Your team will be held responsible for their outcomes and successful completion of the course through the implementation of regular success coach check-ins.

Monitoring data to ascertain your seller’s metrics, closing rate, and improvement so you can precisely estimate and plan your ad spend

Real-world tasks to put what your seller is learning into practice right now.

Check-ins every two weeks with YOU, the CEO, to ensure that you are modeling the correct conduct for your employees outside of training.




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