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Sabri Suby – Consulting Empire
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Sabri Suby – Consulting Empire



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“How I Went from Struggling To Get a Single Client To $833,000 Per Month in Four Years… And How You Can Do the Same.”

You’re about to discover six PROVEN ways for getting more dream  clients, increasing your fees, earning  more and working LESS…

Build a business that gives you the flexibility to control your own hours, the freedom to live life on YOUR terms and earn a lucrative salary…. with the skills you ALREADY have!

This presentation is going to take you behind the scenes of how to run an immensely profitable consulting business.

No matter where you’re at right now — whether you just entertained the idea that someday, somehow, you’ll work for yourself…

That you wouldn’t have to wake up to the piercing sound of an alarm clock at 6am, only to commute to a soul-sucking 9-to-5 that you hate…

Or maybe you’ve already made the leap and you’re now working on getting a steady stream of dream clients for your coaching, consulting or professional services business…

You’re trying to grow from one or two unqualified leads in your inbox a week…to a flood of ready-to-buy clients…

You — as a member of the Foundr community — have the skills and the worldview to do something BIG for yourself and your future clients.

This is the core of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

You learn, you specialize, you research, compete and ultimately deliver huge value to your market.

So no matter whether you’re a coach, consultant, designer, a copywriter, a marketer, a sales coach, IT and systems professional, accounting and finance pro…

You possess skills and attributes that give you the kernel of a consulting business empire.

You would not be on this page right now were that not the case.

This is about putting your consulting potential into practice and allowing you to virtually set your own income

How does this sound?

Being in complete control of how much work you do…

Having your pick of great clients who massively appreciate your work (and pay you handsomely for it)…

Not having to drag yourself into a sterile, soulless office to slave it out 50 hours a week for someone else’s business you don’t believe in…and instead choosing where you work from (home, a café, a co-working space, a client’s office) and when…

And being able to trust in the system you use to find, sign and service great clients in your niche to give you the PERFECT balance of work, income and free time…

I’m talking living 100% free of debt, travelling anywhere in the world you choose whenever you like, NEVER feeling like you have to live pay-to-pay working for someone else’s business.

If that interests you…

Then read every

word on this page.

This may sound like a fantasy.

But it’s not.

This is exactly what Sabri’s created for himself — starting from scratch. And this is exactly what you’re about to learn how to do for yourself in the space of just SIX WEEKS.

Whether you’re still waiting for your first freelance consulting client…

You already have a few…but they demand too much work for too little money (and respect)?…

Or your business — for whatever reason — has hit a “money wall” you don’t feel you can break through…

How to turn your existing skills into a virtually limitless income and liberating lifestyle

Sabri doesn’t usually talk about making money.

He gets on and actually makes it — in vast amounts — for his own company, his clients and his students.

But for a few years now, on top of growing his own consulting business…

Sabri’s been coaching a small group of fellow entrepreneurs to take their businesses from the ground floor up to the stratosphere.

And the specific way that he does this is so brutally effective…

So powerful in its simplicity…

So damned FAST at taking a freelancer or consultant from nowhere to consistently banking tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a month…

That Sabri and his small squad of private students have kept their secrets to themselves — until now.

You won’t find this man on stage at big marketing conferences.

He’ll be the one up the back wearing a hoodie and baseball cap to avoid questions or invitations to present.

The people he’s partnered with to scale his own consulting operation up to the $10 million-a-year mark, have all had to sign non-disclosure agreements.


The knowledge and systems Sabri has created to boil his success down into a formula ANYONE can apply to their own consulting career is, frankly…

An Entrepreneurial Weapon of Mass Wealth Creation

Reward your skill and ambition with an income that you can scale at will to fit and provide the lifestyle you have…and that you want to create for yourself…

This is why I believe consulting is probably the simplest, FASTEST path you can pursue to get cash-positive growing your own business.

This work-for-yourself revolution means the business world is SCREAMING out for people who know how to step into a business and dramatically increase revenue using elite-level tactics and authoritative leadership.

In other words, if YOU can provide services like design, marketing, coaching, strategy… anything that helps people further their businesses…then you’re sitting on a potential goldmine for creating a powerfully profitable consulting business.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you can do what Sabri does — provide the expert services that help others achieve their business and life goals — you’re not just always going to have work…

You’re going to have to turn most of your potential clients away!

Because you’ll possess the most powerful skill there is: Being able to step into someone’s business as a consultant (on design, marketing, sales, IT, training… virtually ANYTHING) who delivers immense value that your clients will trip over each other to pay for.

It really just comes down to nailing these SIX things

1.Defining your unique and irresistible offer

Whether you already have an idea of this…or you’re just starting out…your first step is this:

Find your niche, determine your mindset and calculate your earning potential.

This first stage is EASY.

But because it lays the foundation for the potential multi-million dollar business you’re starting, it’s vital to get this right.

You have to correctly assess the business battlefield — who’s dominating the niche you seek to take over…how can you build a pitch and offer that beats them and starts generating business…and how do you price your services to best cut into that market and start winning clients?

2.Getting your first clients through the door

This is where it gets real. You may have had paying clients already…but not like this.

Before you build up your system for getting clients in the door on autopilot, you need to deploy one of the first business battle tactics Sabri perfected on his way to $833K a month.

You don’t actually need to spend a CENT on ads to get your first clients.

You have THREE free channels staring you in the face.

In the second module of the course, Sabri reveals them — and shows you exactly how to pitch the offer you’ve crafted in the previous stage to get your first clients.

This does two powerful things.

It confirms your offer and positioning are right — and it gives you the confidence and validation you need to take it to the next step.

3.Building a powerful, killer brand

OK, here’s where it starts getting EXCITING.

Having nailed your offer, defined your niche and attracted (and served) your first paying clients…

Now it’s time to brand and market yourself as a legitimate and established consultancy business.

This is where you make the leap from “freelancer” to “business owner”.

It comes down to something Sabri keeps closely guarded.

He calls it his “Secret Selling System”.

4.Creating a funnel to rapidly attract more clients

With your “Secret Selling System” in place and beginning to build momentum for you…

It’s time to begin increasing the number of clients you serve — AND increasing the value you can offer (and the fees you can command).

This is where Sabri’s Three-Step Proven Funnel comes into play.

Again, he’s giving you all of this inside the course. You don’t have to figure ANY of it out for yourself.

This involves three steps…

This one step enables you to stop seeking clients. Instead…if you execute this the right way…they’ll start seeking YOU.

  1. The Halo Strategy

A technique for quickly working out what your clients need most — and what they’re NOT getting from your competition.

  1. A High Value Content Offer

A single piece of content that will get tons of people entering your funnel. This could be a free report, an educational video, a cheat sheet or a webinar. Sabri shows you how to turn the volume up on that and make it absolutely irresistible.

     3.The Godfather Offer

You’ve found the gap your market needs YOU to fill…you’ve given them a great piece of content to help them out — for free…and now you have the opportunity to provide your services. So, what do you do? You make them an “offer they can’t refuse”.

This module lays out everything you need to know about building this process for your business…plus, you’ll learn how to close sales and turn nurtured leads into paying clients with speed and confidence.

5.Delivering exceptional results and getting paid

Time to get down to it. You have people pouring into your business looking for knowledge and value.

Many of these people will be ready to PAY for your professional services.

This is where you’ve got to DELIVER in spades.

Module five shows you how to fulfil your client workload to the highest possible standard — but with speed and efficiency.

Sabri shows you how to communicate with your clients…set up and maintain a database of projects…create iron-clad contracts and, most importantly…

Get your clients to pay you on time, every time.

6.Scaling your operation from individual to agency

Once you’ve got to this point — where your offer, your brand, your funnel and your services are firing on all cylinders — you’re ready to take it to the next level.

If you want, that is. You may just want to build a roster of a few clients to sustain a profitable career as a solopreneur. That’s fine.

We’ve designed this course to take you as far as you want to go.

But module six is where you can dare to dream BIG.

Because the steps Sabri shows you in the first five modules are going to present you with this (enviable) problem:

What do you do when you have more clients asking for your services than you can realistically handle?

How to hire, train and retain A-players to help you grow a team that enables you to offer more services to more clients (for MORE money)…

How to lead a workforce to deliver on the same offer and value proposition you laid down in phase one.

How to outsource elements of your business without compromising on the service you deliver.

This — in a nutshell — is how this course is going to take you from where you are now, to systematically carving yourself a niche consulting business virtually out of thin air.

And you want to learN more about…

How to use ‘The Godfather Offer’ to practically FORCE your prospects to buy your products or services…

How High Value Content Offers can increase the pulling power of ALL of your advertising by 900%…

Where to find the best clients and ‘hyper – active buyers’ in your market place (This is likely the LAST place you might think…)

The secrets of “Value Marketing” … This simple strategy is indefensible even by much larger and more established competitors!

How to generate thousands of leads while positioning yourself as a trusted authority almost instantly (even if nobody’s ever heard of you)

How to outsell your competitors — even if you’re up against an industry GIANT…. and only have a small budget

How to uncover large new “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave (even when the economy is hurting and you’re far more expensive than the competition)

How to uncover the deepest and most powerful benefits hidden in your products and services using the ‘Halo Strategy’ (Once you discover this your competition will call-in-sick and wave the white flag)

The most unsuspecting way to outsell the most ferocious competition in your marketplace, even when their marketing is brilliant, their budget is huge and they’re products and services are half the price of yours…

The most effect ‘bait’ for catching high-ticket ‘whale’ clients (Plus — the SINGLE most important thing you can do to win their confidence forever straight off the bat)

So here’s what you’ll pay to access this powerhouse six-week consulting course

For that price, you get complete access to Sabri’s six-module, step-by-step guide to creating, scaling and succeeding with your own consulting business or agency.

In other words, rather than investing tens of thousands of dollars…

And literally YEARS of your own time into figuring this stuff out on your own (in a cutthroat world where the successful tend to guard their own strategies) …

You can, for the price of an economy class return international flight between say, Melbourne and London, effectively fast-track your journey from here to thriving, profitable consulting work in just SIX WEEKS.

1.Defining your unique and irresistible offer

 2.Getting your first clients through the door

 3.Building a powerful, killer brand

 4.Creating a funnel to rapidly attract more clients

 5.Delivering exceptional results and getting paid

 6.Scaling your operation from individual to agency


Private FB mastermind group (lifetime access): As soon as you become a member of this course, you’ll get LIFETIME access to a private Facebook group in which Sabri and his students exchange ideas, troubleshoot individual problems, and share tips from their respective niches to help one another.

In other words, you will have 24/7 access to, and support from, a community of likeminded people on the same journey as you.


Iron Clad Contract template: This is the exact contract Sabri has used to enter into profitable working relationships with his clients since he began his journey. It’s the thing that defines the work, the money and the expectations.

It protects you and gives you confidence in dealing with any client who might try to avoid paying you…or change their demands halfway through a project.

Easily worth $50 on its own!


Proven High Converting Email Out-Reach scripts: You won’t need to spend time writing your own emails and follow-ups for your initial client-seeking efforts. Sabri’s giving you his!

They’ve been working for him since 2013. And they provide the basis for forming the relationships with your clients you need to get started.

Full value $497.


Paid Traffic Mastery on Adwords + FB + Copy: When you hit Module #4, you’re going to find yourself dealing with online ad networks. This can be a real time trap. Running paid ads is a full-time job. You want to stay focused on your business, NOT the ads for it. Sabri has a whole team of people working on this for him.

And he’s distilled their expertise into a package of scripts, processes and copy you can quickly customize and deploy.

You’d pay $497 for this outside the course, easy.


Lifetime access to Consulting Empire + Free upgrades: Consulting Empire isn’t just a six-week course you complete and forget. This war chest of systems, strategies and templates will support you through multiple stages of growth. It’s something you’ll refer back to as you progress towards your goals — the idea being that everything inside helps you indefinitely. As the course develops, we’ll be adding new sections and updating the content. Meaning there’ll be bonus videos, interviews and opportunities to interact with Sabri and his team directly. When you sign up to Consulting Empire today, you are in fact gaining LIFETIME access to everything this course will become in the future.

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