Sally Farrant - Business Growth by Numbers
Sally Farrant – Business Growth by Numbers
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Sally Farrant – Business Growth by Numbers



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I’m About
Hi, Sally here.

I started Business Growth by Numbers to help firms understand their financials and to provide flexibility for a growing family. I am a married mother of two boys, ages 8 and 6. Sometimes life can be a little wild!


My background is in larger corporate businesses, and I’ve witnessed people set records for how quickly they can consume cream crackers (not many, because they are so dry! ); I’ve worked on a production line at Philips Electronics to learn how TV screens are made; and I’ve enjoyed the contentious period of Channel 4 when Big Brother was at the height of its popularity. I most recently worked for Volac, a whey protein company with many different product streams that is rapidly expanding.


I enjoy sailing and enjoy watching sports like cricket, rugby, and football. I read a lot of different kinds of books, but my favorites are thrillers and trashy beach reads.


I specialize in organizing business accounts to make sure they accurately reflect how the company is doing and then producing understandable management information. I also assist clients in comprehending the operation of their accounts so they can manage them independently. I also teach online courses to assist microbusinesses in starting out right.


I adore a cluttered balance sheet and a spreadsheet!




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