Sam Ovens – The Consulting Accelerator 2018


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The Consulting Accelerator is an online program that teaches you how to start your own consulting business. It’s made by Sam Ovens who has been working as a consultant for over 7 years and he shares everything he learned in this course.
In this post, we will share with you what the course includes so you can decide if it would be worth it for you to invest in it.


“Join Sam Ovens in his first ever live Consulting Accelerator and learn how to start your own consulting business from scratch. You’ll get over a year of Sam’s best content including all the modules, audio versions, transcripts, cheat sheets and more.”


Are you looking to get out of the rat race and into a more satisfying, lucrative career? Have no fear – Sam Ovens is here! Sam has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own consulting business in just 12 months. Learn from his success and apply what he teaches today to your life.


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