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Become a part of the most comprehensive food photography course ever.
Foodtography School was formed on the belief that food photography is both a skill and a business. And now, with double the content, all-new features, and more goodies than ever before, we’re presenting you our revised course!

Because poor photography will only go you so far. If you want to make a living out of food photography, you’ll need to take amazing photos and know how to promote yourself to potential clients.

The money is there; all you need to do is figure out how to make content that demands it.

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Consider this:

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Consider your photographs.

as a means of expression

Develop a distinct personality.

online visibility

Make your photography more interesting.

into a company



Does this describe you?






I enrolled in Foodtography School because I wanted to take my photography more seriously, which included learning more about light and composition, as well as improving my editing skills.




Foodtography School taught me the basics of food photography. I used to just take images of food at random. I learnt how to compose, style, and edit. Everything I needed to get started on my incredible photographic journey.





This training was a watershed moment in my career as a food photographer. I’m more comfortable marketing myself to potential clients. My course investment has already yielded a 5X return.


We believe that food photography should be taught as both a skill and a business.

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Curriculum in Foodtography

When you join today, you get everything:




The basics of


Begin by learning the fundamentals! Learn how to shoot in manual mode (which is a necessity!) and how to edit in Lightroom, our preferred editing software.

Part 1: Photographic History

Understanding Your Camera Settings (Part 2)

Setting up your Food Photography Scene (Part 3)

Part 4: Recommendations for Props and Backgrounds

Lightroom Walkthrough (Part 5)



The first step toward creating your ideal business is to become a professional photographer. That’s when composition, our wonderful friend, comes in…

Part 1: Composition Fundamentals

Part 2: Documenting Motion

Part 3: How to Control Bad Lighting

Part 4: Layering Texture and Contrast

Part 05: The Benefits of Working in Groups

Part 06: Using Perspective in Photography



A camera is nothing more than a box that lets light in. That’s why, in order to take good shots and become a master food photographer, you need to understand light.

Part 1: Different Types of Light (and How to Detect)

Part 2: Different Kinds of Light (and How to Shoot)

Part 3: Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

Part 4: How to Make Your Lighting More Consistent



Create your own personal brand and visual voice to create attractive, consistent food photography.

The Importance of Branding (Part 1)

Visual Branding (Part 2)

Part 3: Brand Communication

Finding Your Visual Voice (Part 4)



Develop your editing skills with Lightroom and how to edit in a variety of techniques. Also, discover your personal editing style!

Part 1: The Two Elements of a Good Edit

Part 2: Soft and Moody Editing

Part 3: Dark and Bold Editing

Part 4: Editing to Tell Your Color Story


Social Networking

Master the social media game so you can proudly display your work while also gaining clients and brand partnerships.

Part 1: An Overview of Social Media

Part 2: How to Be Successful on Instagram

Part 3: Data Analysis

Understanding Other Social Outlets (Part 4)

Part 05: Instagram Quickfire Questions

Part 06: TikTok and Reels


Marketing + Business

Learn how to market to your target market, approach businesses with confidence, and deal with clients like a pro so you can start getting paid what you’re worth!

Part 1: Content Promotion

Part 2: The Mindset of Collaboration

Part 3: How to Approach Brands

Part 4: How to Determine Your Work’s Value

Part 4: How to Bargain

Part 06: Food Photography Business Practices in General




Our pupils have

collaborated with brands


What are the similarities between Bob’s Red Mill, Domino Sugar, and Lactaid?!

They’ve all teamed together with kids from the Foodtography School!




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