Sarah Masci - Focused + Free 2022
Sarah Masci – Focused + Free 2022
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Sarah Masci – Focused + Free 2022



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Our clients learn, adapt, and apply the tactics and procedures we personally utilized to scale to multiple six-figures with this business model using our M7 Freedom Framework and patented Day Rate Growth SCALE.
If you’re willing to STOP…



Dealing with many clients per day, scope creep, and never-ending projects…

Feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of eating, sleeping, working, and repeating…

Taking your laptop with you wherever you go in case a customer emergency arises…

Spending hours on end preparing personalized proposals and feeling like you’re nickel and diming your clients for their little needs…

Working on client deadlines at night and on weekends while disregarding your friends and family…

Filling up your hard disk with dusty “final final final clientname.jpg” files…

…then Focused + FreeTM is for you.


Through a streamlined and disciplined VIP Day business model that doesn’t require special proposals, packages, or guaranteed deliverables, we enable service providers gain more focus in their business and flexibility in their lives.

Focused + FreeTM is unlike anything else out there, born out of everything we’ve learned from years of operating our own very profitable VIP Days, as well as several years teaching thousands of students our step-by-step structure, methods, systems, SOP’s, and tools.


It’s the ideal combination of world-class content, unrivaled coaching and mentoring, plug-and-play resources, and the most incredible community you’ve ever encountered!


“My business is doing considerably better than I expected, and I’m much less anxious about client tasks.” My clients like the entire process and get far better results as a result of our collaboration. I’m scheduled for three months with intensives at a greater rate than I expected to be able to charge in my niche.”


Kristen Doyle is an actress.


After we’ve finished working together, you’ll…

Have a polished and optimized VIP Day flagship offer that you can sell with ease and confidence on a regular basis.


Be renowned for something, in a certain niche, with a specific offer, and new leads arriving weekly.


Have all of your onboarding, offboarding, and automation systems up and running to ensure a smooth workflow and client experience.


Have your new boundaries and SOPs in place so you know exactly what to say and do at every stage of the 60-90 day client journey.


Have your dream clients raving about you and your great VIP service, recommending you to their friends, and returning for more.


With the correct scaling plan and execution steps, you’ll be able to effortlessly blast six-figures out of the water with VIP Days and related digital offerings.


Be able to organize your calendar months in advance, take a lot of vacation time, and know exactly how much money you’ll make each month.




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