Scott Oldford – The ROI Method
Scott Oldford – The ROI Method
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Scott Oldford – The ROI Method



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Scott Oldford – The ROI Method

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Discover The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method, a marketing and sales methodology specifically designed for coaches, consultants and mentors who sell online services and programs.

Inside, you’ll get the entire guide and videos on exactly how it works.

In this interactive guide, I’ll dive into how to use The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method to Scale your Online Business…

Inside you’ll discover how to…

  • Become the BIG fish in the SMALL pond while using the 5 keys of Relevancy to make yourself irresistible to the PERFECT client, all day, every day
  • Activate the Omnipresence Effect which activates the Baader-Meinhof Physiological trigger allowing you to “Hack” The Attention of the person who will pay you FAR more money than the market.
  • Ensure you generate more revenue, increase the number of people who show up to sale calls and surpass 50% close rates without ever “selling” again by using the 3 C’s of Intimacy.


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