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For whom is this course intended?

Beginners interested in self-publishing their first book
Authors who wish to learn how to self-publish instead of going through traditional channels

New and seasoned publishers who want to learn how to launch, market, and sell their self-published books effectively

Advanced publishers that wish to understand how to grow their business to multiple locations would benefit from this course. six or even seven figures


What you’ll discover


Keyword Research – Learn how to find profitable, low-competition keywords that are simple to rank for.

Step-by-step 5-star book creation – Hire a ghostwriter to write your book, design your cover, format it, and have it read for an audiobook.

The top publishers’ bulletproof launch approach is all about garnering reviews, executing Amazon advertisements, and email marketing.

Automation – How to set up processes and hire teams to create a self-sustaining publishing company.

Diversification – How to transform a single book into ten or more sources of revenue; publishing on Amazon is just the beginning.

DIY and Low-Content Books – Discover how to generate money by publishing DIY books that you can make for free.


Concerning the course


Freedom Self-Publishing is a step-by-step curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know about self-publishing eBooks, Paperback Books, and Audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and other platforms.


Sean Dollwet, who went from having little money to being a self-made millionaire through self-publishing, teaches it.


It’s meant to convert anyone, whether they’re a complete novice or a seasoned self-publisher, into a highly successful publisher who can work from home and earn a good living.


The curriculum includes…







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