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With Confidence, Teach Mindfulness & Meditation
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This comprehensive training course on how to teach mindfulness meditation can improve people’s presence, tranquility, and resilience.

This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know about teaching mindfulness and meditation in secular and professional settings.

In addition, you’ll receive a 100-page study guide, a Certificate of Completion, mindfulness teaching self-assessment tools, and downloadable guided meditation scripts that you may record or share with your students/clients.

Sean Fargo – Mindfulness Teaching Fundamentals is available for instant download.

What you’ll discover:

The First Lesson – What is Mindfulness?


Lesson 2: Mindfulness and Meditation Research


Lesson 3: Mindfulness’s Attitudinal Foundations


Lesson 4 – Teaching Mindfulness: Four Foundations


Understanding Empathy and Compassion (Lesson 5)


Lesson 6 – Self-Compassion and Mindfulness


Lesson 7: Meditation on Loving-Kindness


Lesson 8 – Breathing Awareness


The Body Scan (lesson 9)


Exploring Mindful Movements in Lesson 10


Getting Started (Lesson 11)


Lesson 12 – Common Mindfulness Teacher Questions


Managing Group Processes (Lesson 13)


Relational Skills (lesson 14)


Mindfulness Exercises for Mindfulness Teachers (Lesson 15)


Lesson 16 – Mindfulness Embodiment


Lesson 17 – Guiding Others Through Meditation


Inquiry and Didactic Teaching (lesson 18)


Curriculum, Pacing, and Coverage – Lesson 19


Self-Assessment Tools (lesson 20)





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