Sean Longden - Agency Blueprint
Sean Longden – Agency Blueprint
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Sean Longden – Agency Blueprint



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This is the EXACT strategy we teach our coaching clients to use to secure 5 meetings on the first day of outreach; you receive everything they receive, save for continuing help, and at a far lower cost.


The Agency Builder Program is too soon?


Or perhaps you simply don’t want to be guided and would want to proceed at your own pace.


This is for you if that’s the case.


What happens if you also have access to the group for closing clients?


You’re almost unbreakable.


It makes no difference if you have never created an agency…


Never emailed a stranger…


Not sure where to find contacts to email…


How to create an offer or what niche to choose…


Because we guide you through every step


And there are always members in the group willing to respond to your inquiries.




It won’t work if you can’t dedicate at least 2 hours per day to building your agency.


If you don’t have the time to spend in yourself, it just doesn’t make sense.


And if you’re not prepared for a lot of rejection—because that’s simply a part of the process—then don’t even try.


Then, if you’re prepared,


The Agency Blueprint includes the following:




The shortest approach to build up your domains and inboxes so you can realistically close a client within 3 weeks after receiving this blueprint and be ready for outreach within 2 weeks.

A list of 15 possible niches is provided, along with a brainless explanation of how to choose the best one. (If you really are at a loss for one, this will help you get started.)

You may make your first “killer” offer with this offer creation tutorial in only a few hours. (Jeremy Schaller refers to it as a “god-tier handbook”)

The only justification you’ll ever need for creating an ideal client profile. With all the requirements that must be met… You may quit sweating bullets when pitching your prospect by using a PERFECT ICP and our unique ROI-breakdown process, which make closing prospects on calls and pricing your services appropriately a walk in the park. $3500 setup charge plus a pay-per-appointment rate of $600

A LinkedIn outreach strategy that took just 93 messages and two days to bring us 10 interested prospects. To get you a client as soon as humanly feasible, we walk you through improving your profile, scraping leads, and examples of copy you may use. Without having to ever issue a refund

Even if you’ve never created a website before, you can create a landing page and a VSL in a single day.

Choosing the top lead generating tools available today can help you avoid paying too much and missing out on important features. We are simply providing you with the best alternative (or options) that are currently accessible without trying to sell you any of our tools or affiliate links.

A comprehensive manual on writing cold email copy that includes all the techniques we’ve used to increase meeting booking rates by up to 9% (4 percent was the average for my clients over 13 months of my agency)



The precise amount of emails you should send every day, sending times, how many follow-up emails to send, and the intervals between them, along with the reasoning. What we do and how you can automate it to maintain great deliverability even with 132 emails sent per domain per day…

How to respond to ANY email or LinkedIn message you get, and how to set up a meeting in under 30 seconds (if you apply the framework that we teach you)

How the agreements should be sent and how they should appear

What to do to get your clients to pay you

The best course for closing lead generation deals, along with sample sales calls you can listen to and the appropriate script to use

How to deal with client fulfillment and why cold email scripts and approaches aren’t the most crucial factor in your success

How to set up your entire business and how to begin creating SOPs that will transform you from a freelancer using virtual assistants into a legitimate agency owner

Useful tools for project management (with templates you can just copy-paste)

All the information you need to hire… When, how, and who to hire. Role testing, sample job postings, and hiring projections



Therefore, this step-by-step (literally) course will get you there if you want to get a client in 3–4 weeks (or 1-2 weeks if you have the domains warmed up).


We built it flawless so that even someone without prior B2B sales experience may easily sign their first agreement.


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