Seller Tradecraft – Amazon Playbook
Seller Tradecraft – Amazon Playbook
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Seller Tradecraft – Amazon Playbook



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What we can learn from Amazon Playbook?

In this course, we will get an all-in-one step by step guide for launching our next Amazon Product without a launch service. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our first, second, or fifth product launch.

This step by step guide will show us how to circumvent that by launching our private label products through Facebook Ads and Manychat. We will learn exactly how the pros build a funnel and sequence to scale their product launch process for a fraction of the cost of other launch services, while being far more effective.

  • 1 – Welcome to the Course.
  • 2 – Solo Launch.
  • 3 – Influencer Marketing.
  • 4 – $0.41 Cent Manychat Subs with Viral Contest.
  • 5 – Reviews Wizardy.
  • 6 – Next Steps.


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