Shane Parrish - Decision By Design
Shane Parrish – Decision By Design
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Shane Parrish – Decision By Design



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Master your decision skills, confidently avoid analysis paralysis, and unlock opportunities.
Decision by Design is a 12 week training program for top performers who want to confidently take risks, stand out from their peers, and position themselves for the best possible future.




Shane Parrish – Decision By Design

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Your success at work and at home is directly tied to your ability to make great decisions.
Think about it. Every day we are faced with decisions about what to work on, how to spend our time, how to invest in our health and relationships.
If we make the wrong choices, the best case scenario is we spin our wheels for years without getting anywhere. What usually happens is far worse — not only do we waste time, but we see a deterioration of health, dissatisfaction at work, lost opportunities, and strained relationships with the people who matter most.
Writer and philosopher Albert Camus said, “Our life is the sum of our choices.” If that’s true, then how we make decisions should be something that deserves our highest attention and most focused energies. Decision by Design teaches you the skills you need to make the best decision. Every time.
Decision by Design is taught by Shane Parrish, the Wall-Street Journal bestselling author and founder of Farnam Street Media, Latticework Publishing, and Syrus Partners.
The New York Times called Shane the unlikely guru that helps Wall Street think better.
Shane has spent years working with, coaching, and learning from the best decision makers in the world.
While each decision is different, there are things that the best decision makers do consistently that put them on the right path.
Decision by Design students can ask questions and get feedback during monthly live office hour calls with Shane. Allowing you to learn not just from your own experience, but from your peers as well.
Over 7 million people read Shane’s work annually and it’s been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and more.
Over 300,000 people subscribe to his weekly newsletter about timeless insights.
He’s taught thousands of people how to make better decisions.
Fast track your learning and save years of expensive trial and error.
Having the skills to consistently make sure we’re thinking through problems from every angle, avoiding problems before they happen, and spotting options where other people see none — can change the trajectory of both our personal and professional lives.
Good decisions make the future easier. Bad ones make the future harder.
Whether you’re curious about the real world habits and routines of the best decision makers or simply want to rapidly scale your career or business — Decision by Design will help you:
•Clarify the problem
•Avoid analysis paralysis
•Identify the most important thing
•Effectively use a team
•Stop second guessing yourself
•Stop feeling overwhelmed or exhausted by too many decisions
•Build trust with your colleagues, employees, and bosses
•Seize opportunities that others miss
•Learn when you’ve done enough work
•Free up your time
Making better decisions means knowing exactly what to do. Every time.
Without a roadmap, learning the practicable skills to make the best decisions can be overwhelming, costly, and full of false starts. Decision by Design gives you that roadmap.
Inside the course, there are no shortcuts, silver bullets, or guaranteed results. You get out of it what you put into it.
Set Your Own Pace
Decision by Design is a 12 week skills-based program with worksheets, bonus material and more so you can develop the skills you need to build your decision making capabilities.
You can access the course from anywhere in the world, anytime you want. Each week is about 1-2 hours of effort to watch the videos, do the worksheets, and put the skills into practice. Don’t worry if life gets in the way, you can go at your own pace.
Check out the curriculum so you can make sure the program is right for you.
Here’s What You’ll Learn
Skill #1: Find the Lead Domino
Learn how to tackle big decisions with clarity and confidence.
Skill #2: The Root Problem
Learn how to define the problem in a way that creates the best path forward.
Skill #3: When to Decide
In this lesson, we’ll share how to tell when it’s time to gather more information or time to act on the information we have — even if that information is imperfect.
***Office Hours***
Get coaching with Shane to help you put the course material into practice. These calls are recorded and available for replay.
Skill #4: The Most Important Thing
Get clear on the thing that matters most, clarifying and empowering yourself and your team.
Skill #5: Owning the Frame
Learn how to expand the available opportunities.
Skill #6: Mapping Across Time
Learn how to create fewer problems in the future than you have today.
***Office Hours***
Get coaching with Shane to help you put the course material into practice. These calls are recorded and available for replay.
Skill #7: Collecting Powerful Information
In this lesson, we’ll share who to trust, how to filter that information, and which questions yield the absolute best information.
Skill #8: Leveraging your Best Thinking
No need to rely on willpower, this lesson will teach you to think ahead, so you know what to do and when.
Skill #9: Creating a Margin of Safety
Learn to take advantage of the future by putting yourself on the path of opportunity.
***Office Hours***
Get coaching with Shane to help you put the course material into practice. These calls are recorded and available for replay.
Skill #10: Avoidable Stupidity
There are some situations where we’re more likely to make mistakes than others. This lesson teaches you to recognize and avoid preventable stupidity.
Skill #11: Committing and Executing
Check in with your rational and emotional selves and communicate in a way that get results.
Skill #12: Assessing and Updating
Let’s take our decision making to the next level and learn how to accurately assess where we are and what we need to work on next to keep getting better.
***Office Hours***
Get coaching with Shane to help you put the course material into practice. These calls are recorded and available for replay.



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