Shanna Skidmore - The Blueprint Model
Shanna Skidmore – The Blueprint Model
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Shanna Skidmore – The Blueprint Model



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Imagine understanding the entire step-by-step procedure for creating a well-structured financial plan for your company – without the cold sweats, alligator tears, or late-night phone calls.

INTRODUCING… Model of the Blueprint

The A-to-Z handbook for every creative business owner who wants to establish, develop, or save their company by laying a sound financial foundation that applies to any industry.

Thousands of tired creatives have benefited from our comprehensive 6-week online business training, and it can work for you, too.

It’s back (and better than ever!) to help you create real money without committing every waking hour to the never-ending grind or figuring it out on your own.


What You Will Discover


Casting your vision

It’s hard to create a plan to get there before you know what you want, where you’re going, and why. Learn how to use my distinctive Core Motivators Framework for defining success to align the long-term trajectory of your business with your personal aspirations.

Learn to integrate your business’s long-term direction with your personal objectives.

You’ll get clear on what you actually want, define what success looks like for you, and learn how to construct your business around what you desire most out of life using my signature Core Motivators Framework.

I’ll show you how to recognize the four major components of your business model and how to use this foundational document strategically to get clarity for long-term growth and future decision-making.

To stay inspired and in love with being an entrepreneur, find methods to include dreamlike elements into your schedule.


Creating Strong Business Foundations

Move forward with confidence and clarity, knowing that you’ve laid the groundwork for long-term business growth and success. You’ll learn to connect the work you love with the products and services your audience wants, and you’ll stop wasting time on things that aren’t bringing you money.


To remove purchasing barriers for your potential clients, learn to properly define and express what you do.

You’ll learn to connect the work you love with the products and services your audience wants, and you’ll stop wasting time on things that aren’t bringing you money.

To boost the profitability of your offers and actually make more without working more, conduct a Profitability Audit.

I’ll show you how to build enticing products and services that will not only fuel your money account but also your creative spirit—because what is healthy for the soul is also excellent for business.


Pricing Your Offers to Ensure Profitability


Make sure you’re charging enough to keep your firm afloat and achieve your objectives. You’ll never have to second-guess your pricing again if you use my 60/40 Pricing Model.


Determine the worth of your goods and your time, as well as the “why” behind your rates, and eliminate emotion from the equation. Knowing the true value of your knowledge will help you create more profitable goods, deals, or service packages.


Learn to pay yourself first, rather than from the “leftovers.”

You’ll never have to second-guess your pricing again if you use my 60/40 Pricing Model.


Mastering the Art of Selling


Learn how to promote effectively by identifying your ideal customer and ensuring that your brand’s message is consistent across all channels. Create a sales process that turns browsers into purchasers and clients into devoted fans from there.

Create a seamless client booking experience from the moment they visit your website to the moment they sign the contract—by integrating sales psychology with attractive design, you’ll feel confident and at ease asking them to buy! After applying my system, students were able to double and triple their booking rates.

Using Shannas’ Marketing Sundae strategy to content development, you can create a successful and long-lasting marketing calendar that will genuinely attract clients without relying on social media.

Feel secure with a marketing strategy that reflects your unique values and doesn’t necessitate frequent selling or internet presence.

You’ll discover how to overcome objections in your sales process, including how to minimize emotive pricing, avoid sticker shock by priming the ask, and begin confidently selling your goods and services.

Eliminate purchasing obstacles in your marketing to convert followers into purchasers.


Setting Financial Objectives


Learn how to arrange personal pay, save for taxes, budget for unforeseen expenses, and deal with the ups and downs of changing income. Leave with a one-year financial plan for your company: all you have to do is put up the system once, commit to it, and start selling.

Use my “Defining Enough” financial calculations to figure out what your business NEEDS in quantifiable figures so you can pay yourself and your team while still making a profit.

Set your sales goal and pay yourself a consistent paycheck by using my Need, Want, Reach for the Stars Financial Planning System to reverse engineer your figures.

Make a revenue plan: a step-by-step guide to achieving your most important financial objectives.

To keep your pay consistent, learn how to arrange your personal pay, save for taxes, and handle seasonal variable company income.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re spending the proper amount to expand your business if you follow the percentages given in my Business Spending Guidelines.

Use my Time Bank concept to set healthy boundaries so you can focus on what’s doable rather than overpromising and overworking.

You’ll learn how your time and money interact so that you can create money without sacrificing every waking minute of your life.


How to Manage Your Money on a Daily Basis


Understand how to read numbers, analyze them, and make adjustments to your strategy as appropriate. Feel confident in your ability to create data-driven business decisions. Unexpected storyline twists and more will teach you how to stay committed to your goals.


For structured financial record keeping and effective cash flow management, learn which indicators to measure and statistics to know.

Keep track of your finances and receive a clear picture of your financial situation.


Combine my Income & Expense Tracking tool with my Money Date Monthly Financial Meeting Checklist & Workflow Chart for a stress-free tax season.


Learn to sort through all of your statistics to find what you truly desire.

I’ll teach you step-by-step how I organize my business finances and monthly money workflow so you can easily manage yours.

Know how to set up your bank accounts for simple accounting each month in less than an hour every week to keep on track with your financial goals—and manage cash flow even if you own a seasonal business.

Create an income map to manage seasonal cash flow and factor rest into the business’s natural ebbs and flows.

The Business Write-Offs Cheat Sheet can help you prepare for tax season.








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