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Learn how to generate passive income by purchasing cash-flowing rental homes in other states.

Do you want to own rental homes but are confused and overwhelmed by the purchasing process?


Do you want to own a cash-flowing rental property with RECURRING PASSIVE INCOME that you don’t have to manage?


Would you like to purchase houses that you CAN AFFORD?


We’d like to reassure you that you’re not alone.

and that you’ve arrived at the right location!


Our Background


If you’re like most people, the thought of being locked in a 9-5 job with no options is terrifying. You’ve probably heard that diversifying your income streams is the key to breaking free from the rat race and achieving financial independence. If that’s the case, you may have heard that real estate investing is one option, but the procedure has always looked expensive, hard, and intimidating.


We, like you, were afraid of working until we were in our late 60s, so we looked into rental houses. Every day, we’d search area listings on Redfin and Zillow just to discover that everything was too pricey to buy.


Then we’d search into more affordable places outside of the state, but even when we found appealing deals, we wouldn’t act since we were afraid of investing in new territory. We couldn’t imagine ourselves investing and dealing with potential property concerns from our day jobs.


We thought investing out of state was a terrific idea, but we didn’t know what to do next.

We didn’t give in to our worries.


Despite these obstacles, we believed that investing in real estate would help us achieve financial independence and pass on our fortune to future generations. We spent 6-8 years studying different materials and networking as a result of this. We worked hard to increase our income and save to fund our investments while we continued to learn.


We ended up purchasing 32 units as a result of our research and action!


Some of our properties are listed below:


Our gross rental income is currently $23,185 per month –

and we’re always adding to it!


Our properties’ cash flow enables us to:


– Pick the jobs we wish to do (or not take)

– Follow our passions and dreams without worrying about money

– Spend time with our family and friends

– Unwind and take time off whenever we want

– And, in the end, build our finest lives so that we can live with purpose and intention.


Why You Should Take This Course: The Struggle


We’ve had some success investing remotely, but we’ve also made costly mistakes that could have been avoided with some instruction and a solid system for investing in out-of-state rentals.


You could lose thousands of dollars if you make a bad real estate investing selection (or more).


We’ve built a strategy for efficiently purchasing cash-flowing rentals based on our own experience, and we’d like to share it with you.

Welcome to Remote Rental Riches


This is a step-by-step guide to getting your first cash-flowing rental property out of state.


This course comprises the following topics:


– 60+ video modules ($999 value; pricing is subject to change)


– 14+ worksheets, quizzes, and homework assignments (worth $150):

– Our Exclusive Calculator for Property Analysis

Worksheets on Terms and Definitions

– Scripts – Everything you need to know to find your dream team.

– Checklists – To ensure you’ve covered every aspect of the procedure.


– Exclusive footage of us going through the process with you! (Value: $299)

– Watch as we call and vet our dream teams, walk through properties, and more.

– Two of our target markets are revealed in our case studies!


– Free updates to the course on an ongoing basis. ($199 worth)

– Over time, we will continue to offer more BONUS course content and investor interviews. (We love real estate and appreciate contributing material!)

– Depending on interest, we may open a private Facebook group to bring investors together and personally answer questions in the future. This will be available to you at no additional cost.


You’ll discover crucial concepts about how the entire process works, such as how to:

– Conduct market research and select your target market.

– Locate and evaluate rental property opportunities

• Form a ground-level team that includes your agent and property manager.

– Get your properties funded


And you’ll see why:

– The entire loan and escrow process

— Terms used frequently in the real estate business

— Important repairs to keep an eye on

– Exit strategies in the future

– As well as how to keep repeating the procedure until you attain financial independence!


With the Course (Value: $999)

These bonuses are completely free to you.

How do students feel about the course?

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Greetings, Sean and Sharon!

Just wanted to let you know that I recently completed your Remote Rental Riches course and am extremely pleased with the results! For several months, I had been reading about real estate investment and listening to RE investing podcasts, but none of them seemed to provide a firm and full basis of how to execute real estate investing from beginning to end. However, your course did!

I enjoy how it gives extensive, easy-to-follow instructions on every phase of the real estate investing process, from initial market research through making an offer, closing escrow, managing the property, and exit alternatives. It’s also incredibly streamlined, with just enough high-level data to offer the overall picture without becoming mired down in low-value data (unlike some books I have read). The course’s mixed media structure is very appealing to me. The video walk-throughs of how to use web resources to research properties, how to examine a property from an investor’s perspective, how to interview possible property managers, and so on, were all really helpful!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think your course is an excellent resource for folks who are just getting started in real estate investing, or who are considering it, and I would strongly suggest it. Congratulations!


Your Professors


Sean Pan is a San Francisco Bay Area-based real estate investor, agent, and hard money lender. He makes investments in single-family homes and out-of-state properties. Sean is a radio host, a leader of meetup groups, and a YouTuber who makes real estate films to assist others attain financial independence. He graduated from UCLA with a master’s degree in electrical engineering and has previously worked for Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

Sharon Tseung uses her blog, YouTube channel (24k+ subscribers), TikTok (444k+ subscribers), and Instagram (105k+ followers) to teach others how to create passive income and achieve financial independence. Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Bustle, Fast Company, and other significant websites have all profiled her. She previously graduated from UC Berkeley and spent 9 years in marketing at Google and other businesses. Sharon resigned her job and spent two years traveling the world as a digital nomad, establishing eight passive income streams in the process.





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