Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots
Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots
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Simon Wood – Conversio Super Affiliate Bots



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“Just image being able to depend on nearly assured recurring payouts going into your affiliate accounts,” says Simon Wood, co-founder of ConversioBot. What if you had the ability to earn money by ethically stealing the most lucrative affiliate offers from networks like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Digistore24, CPA networks, and many others by simply copying and pasting a single line of bot code onto other people’s websites? Although somewhat contentious, this is completely legal.



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You should pay attention to what Simon has to say if you’re having trouble earning money from affiliate marketing or if you’ve had some success but don’t know how to grow it and become a super affiliate. You are about to learn how to use this AI bot code to produce astronomical affiliate commissions without a website, without working a full-time job, without incurring significant starting fees, and all within the next 30 days.


Simon was made redundant at an organization called Ogilvy not too long ago. He had trouble providing for his wife and children. But in the present day, Simon has made an astounding $5.66 million in the past three years with ClickBank alone. To support his claim, he exhibits a private letter from Jennifer Beevers, VP of ClickBank. He’s not trying to boast, though. Just trying to show you what you can do when you have an unfair edge like an affiliate marketer.


And I’m holding a new web class where I break down that unfair edge into three easy stages for a select group of individuals,” Simon continues. There are only three simple steps that practically everyone can follow without any specialized knowledge or abilities. David, who recently took the same program, recently experienced his first $1,000 day. David emailed me saying, “All I did was what you ordered me to do.” Another guy, Jim, made over three thousand dollars in a day, for the first time ever.”










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