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Simone Seol – Joyful Marketing
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Simone Seol – Joyful Marketing



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Ever wished you didn’t have to deal with annoying marketing issues and could just coach?
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I see you, life coach.


You enjoy teaching. You live for those “aha” moments of revelation, the dissolving of old ideas, new sparks of possibility, and working with clients to bring about significant change.


Because you are an incredible coach. Anyone who joins you on a Zoom call can immediately tell what it is.


But producing social media content, a funnel, and sales letters doesn’t feel as exciting as coaching.


It’s actually a bit of a drag.


Am I correct?


If your marketing were as effective as your coaching, you would already be in control of the entire planet.

You’re aware of it. Instead, consider what it may be like right now:


Marketing is laborious, uncomfortable, and time-consuming.


It seems different from the rest of your business, the portion where you really make a difference in people’s lives.


“Service is the heart of marketing.” Yeah, you cognitively understand it. But it doesn’t feel at all organic or happy.


You wait for the right moment, the right attitude, the right constellation of stars, and the enchanted sensation of being connected to the universal creative flow. you’ll be able to produce all the magnetic content at that point. However, that hardly ever occurs.


You see people producing so much high-quality content while yet finding time to mentor others. You question, “But how? Didn’t producing all that stuff sap you of all your energy?


When you create copy, too…


You feel much too close to everything to have an objective viewpoint.


When you have a wonderful thought, judgment kicks in right away, and before you know it, you’re overanalyzing every word.


You are aware that you should create valuable copy in advance. What does that actually mean, though?


You have a ton of ideas that you have kept in your diaries and notes, but few of them ever get shared with the rest of the world.


However, you are intelligent. You have a wonderful way with people, and you are an excellent coach. Why then must copywriting and marketing seem so heavy and awkward? There must be a huge honking disconnect, right?


There is, I suppose.


Let me give you an explanation.





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