Simpler Trading - Small Accounts Secrets PRO
Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO
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Simpler Trading – Small Accounts Secrets PRO



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It is nearly impossible to grow a small account in a turbulent market without a tried-and-true strategy tailored especially for small accounts. Even a small error can result in significant costs. The good news is that whether you trade stocks, ETFs, or futures, mastering just 7 key options setups and applying precise money management techniques may increase your account balance quickly and give you a reliable weekly income with no risk. These arrangements, which John Carter spent 30 years perfecting, may be used with both big and small businesses.

John will explain in detail in this new lesson how he earned a 101% return on a modest $5.8k account in less than 30 days.


If you want to combine 7 options tactics with simple, high probability setups to take advantage of significant market movements while carefully restricting risk, Small Lot Secrets is the book for you. This course is created to help even beginner traders with modest accounts make regular gains without spending all day monitoring the market.


On Saturday, we will explore the following topics:




How to put up deals that won’t lose money even when the market is in a frenzied state




Don’t stop at stock choices! Learn how to handle each trade for the biggest gains.




Which popular stocks and methods should be avoided at all costs (they destroy tiny accounts)!




How to secure large winnings before they disappear, then increase your earnings to generate windfall profits




a cunning strategy to “rotate” out of certain SPY options for 100% gains immediately




My go-to low-risk techniques for quickly expanding small accounts




How to decide whether to’supersize’ your successes by taking advantage of low liquidity




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