Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income
Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income
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Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income



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We will help you unlock the 3 keys to start a profitable online home business

Kindle eBooks that readers enjoy buying and reading.

Key 1. Success of online selling is mostly dependent what platform is used. Are you selling at an area where buyers are able to find you easily?

Nothing can beat the reputation and reach of the online retailer Amazon! This rock solid business is the ideal platform for your online venture through Direct Publishing on the platform of KINDLE!

key # 2: The most effective (if not the most effective) products you can offer via Amazon are eBooks! This inventory-free bestseller, high-demand product is accessible to customers around the globe at all times.

Fast Facts: Since COVID-19 hit, eBook sales have increased by 60% and by the end 2020 this eBook industry produced $16.6 billion in sales!

Be careful, now, before you panic and declare, “I’m not a writer!” I would like you to go over the following paragraph carefully and over and over again.

You don’t need to be a writer in order to start an Kindle Publishing business.

In reality, YOU DON’T EVEN need to write a single thing! It’s possible to earn money from eBooks you didn’t write.
Key #3: Building a profitable long-term, sustainable home business empire requires a solid base. Take advantage of our free online class today to learn how to build a sustainable and solid Kindle publishing business from creation to finalization.