Soulja – The Beginners Dropshipping Course
Soulja – The Beginners Dropshipping Course
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Soulja – The Beginners Dropshipping Course



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You will be introduced to stuff inside Blackhat that is not available on conventional media. Learn the true secrets of making millions in the drop shipping era of today. Mistakes, techniques, and systems to optimize and expand quickly regardless of your prior expertise With Frankie, more than 16 years of combined experience in the field of electronic commerce have been distilled into a unique experience.

Scaling Technique

Never-before-seen scaling techniques that will reliably earn us $50,000 or more per day from dropshipping in 2022.


Authentic Case Studies

An in-depth look at the process behind some of our most successful initiatives, including evidence of sales and reverse engineering psychology.


Lander Schemas

The top landing page templates and instructions are not available to the general public online.


Taking Down Platforms

Utilize our detailed tips, which are all presented here, to maximize the potential of every advertising platform.


Sneak Preview


An extensive analysis of our 1.6 million month from beginning to end (5m total brand revenue during writing this over 6 months). We inform you of the tools, procedures, and advertising networks we used to make this all feasible. Complete, thorough, and without bullsh*t.


The top drop shippers have been using this tactic of selling in Germany with popular American products for a time. We walk you through the simple steps to do this task from beginning to end. A complete guide on the German selling setup with Klarna.


If you have never scaled to $100,000 in sales, the figure could seem completely impossible. We can educate you media buying tactics and strategies to significantly lower your cost per acquisition and bring you closer than you’ve ever been to that figure with our simple to use cheat sheet and guide. We can take just about any store.




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