Stacey Boehman - 2k for 2k Program
Stacey Boehman – 2k for 2k Program
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Stacey Boehman – 2k for 2k Program



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It’s simpler than you might imagine to land your first few clients as a life coach.
additionally, current information,
enough experience.
I take you step-by-step through the entire 2k for 2k program.
I’ll outline everything you need to know and refrain from doing.
in order to prevent becoming sidetracked.
Simple does not mean spending months developing a website or countless hours coming up with the ideal messaging.
Simple doesn’t mean condensing the importance of life coaching, your knowledge of the human brain and emotions, and all the methods you assist clients in achieving their goals into a one-sentence elevator speech.
You don’t even know how to describe what you do, how you do it, or who your “perfect client” is when you first start out.
That’s fine too.
I’ll assist you with the information you DO need to know.
I’ve assisted THOUSANDS of coaches in landing their first paying clients and starting their coaching businesses.
I’ve discovered the EASIEST method to do it.
In the 2k for 2k program, we only leave the most fundamental and important tasks on your to-do list.
The ones that cause you the MOST stress and confusion are:
Those prices
Your supply
We assist you in making decisions quickly so you may move on to work that is more essential and less stressful.
Acquire knowledge that will help you reach six figures and beyond.
Every single one of the 5 modules in the 2k for 2k program is created to cover a fundamental ability that will remain with you after you have worked with your first few clients and when you have earned six figures and more. These abilities will improve your coaching and selling abilities. They will assist in boosting your self-assurance. You’ll be able to help yourself financially, but you’ll also be able to assist others in getting the outcomes they desire.
Selling is all about being a skilled communicator.
These abilities are taught in the 2k for 2k curriculum.
You may believe that you are not prepared. Alternatively, you can feel like a phony, fearing that if you tell people you are a life coach, you will be “found.”
But all you need to concentrate on is building relationships with people.
and acting out of love.
When you enroll in the 2k for 2k Program…
You become a life coaching sales expert.
Without paying for leads, you acquire clients.
You may become a self-coaching ninja by learning the Model.
You get paid. Period.
We will always collaborate.
Because improving your coaching sales skills will enable you to grow your life coaching business and earn more money.
The Specifics
You will have immediate access to the whole online course when you enroll in the 2k for 2k program. No need to wait for modules to unlock You can either view the entire course in one sitting or progress slowly. It can be consumed in 30 days or less.
The 2k for 2k initiative enrolls participants for life. All future upgrades and new content are added without additional cost, and you get lifelong access.
The course is also assured. Either you earn $2000 or we refund your $2000. It’s that easy.
Organic Marketing, Module 1
Finding customers online or offline in 3 easy steps
Selling advice that is free
How to present your offer so that customers contact you (the end of DMs)
When first starting out, when and what to share online
establishing connections to facilitate future business (even as an introvert)
Misconceptions about selling: What affects your sales and what doesn’t
Making Offers in Module 2
Three requirements for creating top-notch offerings
Making straightforward, effective “Calls to Action”
Developing your paid and free offers
How much should coaching cost? How to generate demand.
Making your audience feel at ease will encourage interaction (when your audience is small)
fostering trust so that your audience will purchase from you (when no one else is)
Clean Selling, third module
How to provide for your clientele without persuasion or agenda-pushing
Leaving the “I need money” and “I want to reach my objective” cycles
Thinking more quickly and strategically while consulting
The ability to solve problems deftly will make you the most influential person in the room (or on the phone)
establishing a secure environment where your client may decide whether to commit or not while speaking with you over the phone.
The method that causes you to fall in love with selling and have a better understanding of coaching
4. Consultations
A 5-Step Process for Increasing Consult Conversions
Breakdown of what to discuss with your client during a consultation, minute by minute
How to discuss price
How to plan and conduct a follow-up
How to improve your client’s experience throughout your consultation
What to do to get paid and on the first call after your client says “yes”
Overcoming Objections, Module 5
signs that a client isn’t a good candidate for life coaching (and may need therapy or other treatment)
Customer actions that reveal what you missed during a session with them and how to solve it
How to gently guide a client through a difficult choice
The most frequent defenses against life coaching, and solutions

How to train aggressively on objections and astound your client




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